I am a full-time working mother of 2 kids. Life is always busy with kids, work and house chores but I still feel that I need to add in something of my own. Hence, this blog came about.

I enjoy being a mother very much and my kids give so much more meaning to my life. Though I may be screaming my lungs off very often, trying to get my kids to do things the first time I asked them instead of having me repeating myself a hundred times, they have taught me so much of what life has to offer. It’s definitely not just about working to pay the bills or keeping a house clean all the time…. it’s more about living a life for myself and making memories with my kids.

So in this blog, you will read a lot about what I have done together with my kids, where we’ve been and some of the delicious food we have tried out. All these done together with my dear husband, of course….