Visiting dinosaurs at The Gardens Mall

Before Isabel went for her school trip end of last year, I have not heard of the dinosaur place called Jurassica at The Gardens Mall. When she came back, she was telling me excitedly about the place – how cool it was, how many exciting activities to do, how much fun she had, etc. She was so excited that she said we must all go together.

So, with all the excitement, my expectation of the place was really high. Isabel couldn’t wait to bring the family there and we finally had the time to go during the Thaipusam public holiday last month.

Here we are, all excited to go in (well, at least kids were)…



As Daddy was busy with some work, he had asked us to go in first and he’ll join us later.

The first thing that greeted us was a video presentation that explains about extinction.


And then you go through a ‘tunnel’ back to the Jurassic time…


Inside, there were animatronic dinosaurs that greeted us.





There were activities lined up for the kids – the one that got them most excited was the scavenger hunt, where they looked for scanners which they scan with their wrist bands and collect points. At the end of their visit, they can redeem gifts according to how many points they got.


As Isabel was so excitedly telling us about earlier, there were rock-climbing, zip-lining, racing with the dinosaur and touching the dinosaur poo.





Then we were lead to the reptiles section.









Looking for fossils…


A playground to burn off some extra energy …


And that was it.

To be honest, I was actually a bit disappointed that the whole place was so brief and simple. I guess I had my expectations set high before going in. However, I do think that it would be more interesting if they had more interactive exhibitions explaining extinctions and how we can prevent it, or what happened to the dinosaurs.

Isabel still enjoyed herself very much this round. Ethan said it was ok. I suppose kids are fine with it compared to adults who have higher expectations.

We were done within 1 1/2 hours. I told Daddy that he doesn’t need to come in and just wait for us outside. Luckily we enjoyed the promotion price of RM99 for 2 kids + 1 adult instead of the usual RM49 per child and RM29 per adult.

I just checked their website ( and they are having an even cheaper promotion from now till 28 Feb 2018 – RM88 for 2 kids + 1 adult. I guess if you have really young kids and they love dinosaurs, it will be a exciting trip for them. As for me, one time is enough.



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