Falling in love with leather crafting

Since my first experience with leather craft earlier this year when I made a traveller’s notebook, I’ve fallen in love with the craft and have been wanting to make something on my own.

However, the tools and materials for leather crafting are so expensive and I am not so confident in making something nice just yet.

I have been following a few leather workshop providers’ Instagram pages and when Coralc Atelier’s Leather Wallet & Pouch workshop post popped up in my IG feed, I immediately signed up for it.

The workshop was conducted two Sundays ago (yes, I only managed to finish this post now :-)) at their workshop in Seri Kembangan.

Here are my tools and materials all waiting for me…


The workshop started with Coralc Atelier’s founder, Jessica Tan, briefing us on the basics of leather and also the template of the pouch that we will be working on.


So excited to get started!

First off, to cut the leather pieces according to specifications and a hole for the zipper.


Then comes burnishing of all the sides of the pieces.


Working on the first ever zip of my life.


Ahhh… punching the stitching holes with a mallet….



I did not work with a stitching pony the last time and was glad that I get to work with one now. It makes stitching so much easier as it helps to hold the leather piece.


Ta daa….. my hand-stitched zipper!


Let’s get on with the pockets.


Don’t stress me out when I have the punch and mallet…. I may just use it on you.


So happy to get a compliment on Coralc Atelier’s IG!


I am all ready to stitch the sides up now!


Here’s my masterpiece!


The workshop was supposed to take 4 hours, from 10am – 2pm, but we ended up taking slightly more than 5 hours.

Five hours sound like a long time for a small pouch but when you are actually doing the work, time feels like it just flew past. I even had to rush the stitching in the last 45 minutes so that I can get it done in time.

Anyway, here are more photos of my handy work as featured in Coralc’s IG. I didn’t manage to take more photos on my own as I was too engrossed in completing my pouch on time.




Hand-stitching a leather piece may take a long time but I enjoy it so much. There’s something relaxing and de-stressing about it that makes me want to work on a project on my own. At the moment, my Pinterest is filled with ideas and inspirations for more than 50 projects! So many things that I want to make and so little time (and $$) to make it….

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