Weekend date in Bangkok

So, this was the first time that Ambert and I actually planned a trip just for the 2 of us, without the kids. Sure, the 2 of us had went off without the kids before but that was always when I followed Ambert for his working trips.

This time, Ambert suggested that we should go away alone for a holiday, just the 2 of us.

The day before we left, the kids left us a note… sigh….


Anyway, Ambert basically did all the planning for the whole trip. My job was to not ask any questions and just follow along as my first questions usually include something like “How much does it cost?”

We reached Bangkok on a Friday afternoon and checked-in into a boutique hotel called NAP (Need A Pillow) in Pratunam. It’s a boutique hotel done up nicely and was very comfortable.




The room was small but was ok for just the 2 of us. Most importantly, it was clean, cozy and new.


First on the itinerary that evening was the Rod Fai Train Night Market in Srinakarin.

We reached the market at 5pm but most stalls were just starting to get set up. So, we thought we’d have an early dinner. We had the famous Big Mama spicy instant noodles and a delicious sweet and sour fish. Simple yet so satisfying….

By the time our stomach was full and satisfied, the stalls were all open for us to start our shopping.

The first area we went to was the clothings, accessories, and all those knick-knacks – the usual stuff you see at night markets. There were rows and rows of them….


Next to that area were a few rows of antique shops, where there were so many stuff older than me, including automobiles.






With so many stalls and things to see, we’ve walked around for more than 2 hours before our legs were begging to get some rest.

We went back to the food area to see that all the stalls have opened and there were more than 100 choices of food! Here are just a small portion of the food available:







We settled down for one of our favourite food – grilled prawns. This plate of big river prawns only cost B200! It was simply fresh, juicy, fleshy and delicious!

After the short rest, it was more walking….


The next morning, Ambert had arranged for us to follow a half-day local tour to the Maeklong Railway Market and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. We had to drag ourselves out of bed at 5.30am as the van was picking us up at 6.00am. Being in Bangkok, the sky was already bright when we left the hotel.

The Maeklong Railway Market is situated just outside of Bangkok city, about an hour’s drive from the hotel. The van drove us to a train stop at Ban Na Khwang so that we could catch the train to the market. It was literally just a train stop, with no platform, shelter or whatsoever. Kinda reminds me of some old cowboy town…. Even the train was so ancient….




The train ride was just about 15 – 20 minutes. As we were approaching the market, we could see loads of people standing just inches away from the train. I could just easily touch them if I stretched my hands out of the window.

Even before we got off the train, the smell of fish, meat and fresh produce permeated heavily in the air. As we got off the train, the whole place was bustling with locals and tourists alike.





To me, the highlight of the market was definitely the train. There were lots of stalls on each side of the track but seeing the train inching along so closely to stalls made it exciting to watch.

As the train made its way back, it was our turn to stand aside and watch as it slowly moved just inches away from us. It was interesting to see how quickly the hawkers pulled their overhead tents and stalls away to make way for the train.




After an hour at the railway market, it was time to head to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which was just a short drive away.

We were taken to a stop by the river where we could enjoy a short boat ride to where the market actually was.



The floating market was bustling with peddlers trying to sell food from their narrow boats and tourists riding on boats along the river.






Lunch was by the river with a delightful plate of Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup, followed by refreshing coconut ice-cream and sticky mango rice with Thai milk tea.



Around 1pm, the van drove us back to town. As we were still early, we headed to the Big C Supermarket to stock up on loads of Big Mama instant noodles, Lays potato chips, Koh Kae peanuts and other junk food.

The big box in front of us was stuffed with all the junk food that we bought:


As evening approached, we took a cab to the next market destination – Asiatique. I wouldn’t call the place a market though, it’s more like a sheltered night bazaar in proper shops.


The  highlight of the night though, was not the shopping as Ambert has booked tickets for a cabaret show at Calypso where their famous ladyboys put real women like me to shame with their slim svelte bodies and luscious hair.





The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel before heading out to the Chatuchak Weekend Market.


Honestly, this was my first time visiting this market and I was simply amazed at the sheer number of shops when I looked at the map. According to its website, there are more than 15,000 shops divided into 27 sections!






After spending like 4 – 5 hours there, we barely made it to half the market. However, we had to leave as Ambert booked another surprise for me that night.

I had no inkling what was in store….

So I was really surprised when a private cab came to the hotel and sent us to the River City Pier. I certainly wasn’t expecting a romantic dinner on a cruise ship…

The Wonderful Pearl  came to pick us up at around 7.30pm. On the top deck was a live band that greeted us as it docked.


The evening started with a scrumptious buffet spread and being entertained with live jazz and pop music as we cruised along the Chaophraya river.



Later in the evening, there was also a cultural performance. The best thing was spending time with my dear hubby, just enjoying the beautiful scenic view of Bangkok’s landmarks all lighted up.





The next morning, the plan was to go continue shopping. This time, it was to Platinum Fashion Mall , Thailand’s largest wholesale fashion mall, which was just a 15-minute walk from the hotel.


As the name suggests, it was a wholesale fashion mall with 6 floors of clothings, bags and accessories. Most of the clothes was of free-size though, so it doesn’t fit me unfortunately. We did however, bought lots of clothes for the kids.

After shopping from 9am to 12noon, we walked out to the food trucks and had a quick lunch there.




After the satisfying lunch, we went back in for another hour of shopping before it was time to walk back to the hotel.

We took the route along the busy shops and rows of stalls just to soak in the bustling Bangkok street atmosphere.



And that concluded our 4 days 3 nights get-away without the kids. Can’t wait for our next trip, with or without the kids.



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