Learning the art of leather craft

Yesterday was the second time that I attended a workshop (which is not related to work) to learn something new. I wanted life to be more than just working and taking care of the house and kids, so what better way than to have a few hours off to learn something for myself?

The first workshop I attended was last year for modern brush calligraphy. Despite being the oldest person there (I think the youngest participant was more than half my age and the others were just a bit older than her), I enjoyed learning this art of handwriting that has been trending on Instagram.

Yesterday’s workshop was for a leather traveler’s notebook cover by DIYKL. I was interested in making leather pouches, notebooks and stuff so when this workshop happened to pop up on my Instagram feed, I immediately clicked on it and signed up.

The workshop started at 11am at a cafe in Bangsar South. Class was kept to a maximum of 8 participants so that everyone can enjoy personalised attention from the 2 lovely  instructors.


Getting all set with the tools….


Here’s Saran, one of the instructors, explaining how to get started.


We were each given a template of the notebook cover to cut the leather piece.


Then we mark the holes where we are going to punch later (sorry for the blur photo as I had to take the photo with my left hand and I just couldn’t control it properly).


Next, punch the hole using a puncher and mallet.


Then punch the curve of the corners using a shape end puncher.


The edge of the leather was burnished with starch and smoothen with a wooden slicker.


We got to personalise the notebook with letter-stamping.


And choose our own beads to decorate it.


Getting the line straight before punching the holes.


The best time to release work day stress was when punching the stitching holes with the mallet.


All hunger went unnoticed while we were busy with our craft. It was soon lunch time and time for a quick break.


During lunch, we introduced ourselves and talk a bit about what we do. Saran and Agnes, the founders of DIY KL, I found out, are 2 very talented ladies who have full time jobs during the weekdays and conduct craft workshops over weekends.

We were back at work after lunch and continued on with stitching a pocket on the notebook.

See how focused I was on the task? Lol!

(Photo credit: DIY KL Facebook)


Hhmmm…. looks like my saddle-stitch needs more practice…


Added a side pen holder.


And finally, insert the notebook!


Voila! My very own hand-made leather traveler’s notebook cover!


Here I am, showing off my very first piece of leather craft…

(Photo credit: DIY KL Facebook)


Before I knew it, it was already 3pm. Time sure passed by quickly when I was having a great time. I can’t wait for their leather bag workshop which will be coming soon!

If you are interested in leather crafts, you can check out DIYKL’s website at http://www.diykl.com. They also have workshops for photography and other crafts.

DIYKL’s tagline is ‘Why buy when you can make?’ but when I showed Ambert my notebook (which he thought I bought), he asked “Why make when you can buy?” Hhmmm…. it is very obvious that he is not into DIY crafts at all….

2 thoughts on “Learning the art of leather craft

  1. I’ve never worked with leather personally, but I’ve always thought it’s made for beautiful notebooks. What type of notebook did you put inside? Does it matter?


    1. This is my first time working with leather and I loved it. I don’t think it matters what kind of leather you use as long as it is hard enough so that it does not flop around. Can’t wait to attend my next leather workshop!


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