In love with the old world charm of a medieval town

Ok, so this will be my last post on our family Christmas trip to Europe last year. I wouldn’t want to bore everyone with endless posts of the trip 🙂

After the highlight of the trip to the Swiss alps for a sledging adventure, the next thing I was looking forward to was the trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany. I visited the medieval town when I went to Germany almost 14 years ago. I thought the old town looked simply amazing and I couldn’t believe that I stood on the ground of such a well-preserved town that had existed since the middle ages in year 950.

The drive from my sister’s house in Zurich to Rothenburg took around 3 hours. As usual, I fell asleep shortly after we started the drive and woke up when we were not too far away from our destination. So  I pretty much missed most of the scenic view along the way, especially the Black Forest where the highway cuts through 😦

When we reached there, the weather was freezing cold and the wind kept blowing. As we walked towards the entrance, it was mesmerizing to see the ancient city wall with the moat (well, dried up moat anyway) that surrounded it.

We first walked along the walls that surrounded the town. We didn’t manage to walk the whole length of it though, as it was way too long. Walking along the well-preserved path certainly made me imagine how life was a thousand years ago.

When we came down from the wall, I was still as in love with the town’s old world charm as I was when I first visited it.

During lunch, it started to snow and Isabel ran out of the restaurant to play with the falling snow and tried to catch some with her tongue. It was so obvious that she came from a country where there was no snow…

After walking along the streets and having done some shopping in the town’s quaint little shops, we took an hour plus drive to Ludwigsburg, where the spent the night.

The next morning, we took a short walk from the hotel to the Ludwigsburg Residential  Palace. Construction of the place started in 1703 and it is one of the few Baroque buildings to have survived the tumultuous history of the last centuries almost unscathed. Now, the palace holds a variety of museums and exhibitions. Unfortunately, when we were there, the palace was closed and we could only take photos from the outside. 

Next on the itinerary was breakfast, followed with a walk in the nearby deer park. It was such a relaxing walk as we saw a herd of deer roaming around the park freely.

And that was the end of our short trip to Germany. Wished we had more time but with only 10 days for the whole trip, we really didn’t have much time to go to more places.

After that it was back to Zurich where Isabel went ice-skating the next day and we took another tour around the city.

On the last morning before we had to depart for the airport, we took a short walk to the forest near my sister’s house as I wanted to collect some pine cones.

I am really hoping that we will be able to visit Europe again in the near future. I just love how clean and beautiful the place is and it was wonderful that I got to enjoy it with my family.


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