In awe with the snow-covered mountains

The next day after the kids’ exciting (and my otherwise horrifying) sledging adventure, the kids couldn’t wait to sledge down another mountain. They were so looking forward towards it that they rushed us through breakfast and made us take the train up to Grindelwald quickly.

At Grindelwald, we bought the bus tickets to go up to the Bussalp where there was another popular sledging starting point. The bright winter sun was shining so glaringly on the mountains blanketed by pure white snow. The view from up there was just awesome! The kids couldn’t wait to sledge and was rushing me to quickly snap the photos.

Here’s the big boy getting all set to go!


My sister and I, on the other hand, decided that we would rather just enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafe and then take a leisure stroll along the trail to a viewing point where we could revel in the marvelous panaromic view of the Bernese Alps at 1800 metres above sea level.

The kids and the 2 big boys (Ambert and my brother-in-law Stefan) only took less than 2 hours to go down the mountain to Grindelwald. I seriously wonder why didn’t we take this mountain the day before rather than the torturous one. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been to traumatized by the experience.

It was more playtime for the kids at Grindelwald. The whole place was like a giant playground for them.

Next on the itinerary was to take a cable car all the way up to First, a summit 2200 metres above sea level.

The cable car took around 30 minutes to reach the top but it was so worth it as we got to enjoy a breathtaking view from the top.

The cliff walk on top of First was amazing! It makes you feel as if you are so close to all the mountains and yet you can see a stretch of the most amazing view of the alps.

As the sky started to get darker, we headed back down to Interlaken for our Christmas dinner. When I heard there was a Hooters Restaurant in the town, I insisted that we must go there, just for the experience :0)

It’s actually just like any other western restaurants we have in Malaysia except that the waitresses are dressed in tight plunging necklines and super short hot pants.

And that was the end of our adventure in the mountains as we walked back to the apartment. The next day, we checked out of the AirBnB and took a train to Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

Our plan at Bern was to see the bears that the capital city was famous for. However, when we reached the bear park, there were no bears in sight – we totally forgot that the bears hibernate during winter. They were all sleeping soundly in their caves. So we ended up just walking along the streets of Bern.

That was it before we made our way back home to Zurich. Tomorrow will be another exciting day as we explore the medieval town of Rothenburg in Germany.

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