Jalan-jalan in Zurich & Colmar

I can’t believe that it has been 3 months since we came back from our awesome family trip to Switzerland! It was a short trip, just 10 days, but it was definitely a fantastic one, especially for the kids.

And I can’t believe that it took me 3 months to finally download the thousands of photos that we took! Well, I am not sure if it really was more than a thousand but it sure did seem like a whole lot.

Going to Switzerland was the kids’ idea as they wanted to see snow. Of course, we could have gone to a nearer country like Japan or Korea to see snow but hey, Switzerland sounds so much more fun during Christmas time! Plus, my sister and her family live there 🙂

It was a short 10 days but we managed to include France and Germany into our packed itinerary. Thankfully, my sister’s house in Zurich was not too far away from the borders.

When we arrived at Zurich on 21 Dec, it was cold and windy but no sight of snow yet. We went for a quick meal at McDonald’s (we just had to try their burgers) and then went to the Christmas market in town.

I just loved walking in the cold weather and loved that the place was clean and loved the many stalls selling lots of colorful, yummy treats and cute knick-knacks.








Unfortunately, before too long, I could feel my eye lids getting heavier and heavier. Yes, the jet lag was setting in. The kids, however, seemed to be still very energetic.

I was on the bed, snoring away the moment I got back to the house. And it wasn’t even dark outside yet.

The next morning, we drove around 2 hours to Colmar in France for its popular Christmas market. I’ve only heard about the market and seen photos of it but to be actually there made it seem so unbelievable.

The place was so big and there were so many stalls everywhere. It was crowded but not too crowded until you couldn’t walk. It was just the right atmosphere for a lovely walk around the area.

I read that there were actually 5 markets in separate mini-villages but it was all connected that it seemed like one big Christmas market to me. I could really feel the Christmas mood with all the beautiful Christmas trees and decorations.

The colorful old architecture buildings made the whole place even more alive with Christmas magic. Colmar was just beautiful.

We started our drive back home before it got dark. When we arrived, I was so delighted to see fresh snow on the ground! Omg, it was my first time seeing and holding real snow!


The kids also started picking up snow and throwing it at each other. Isabel even made a tiny snowman.

That was the end of the 2nd day of our trip. I still hadn’t gotten over my jet lag yet (or maybe it was because of the time difference) and was asleep by 8pm.

The next day was another exciting adventure waiting for us – sledging in the mountains of Interlaken! Will get the post ready real soon!


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