Feasting on (yikes!) instant noodles!

I have to admit, Isabel loves instant noodles. If she has the chance, she will be eating instant noodles every day.

And yes, I know how bad instant noodles are for the body but I’m having a tough time getting this info into Isabel’s head. Whenever she sees instant noodles on the menu, that’s what she’ll be ordering.

It doesn’t help much either, that Daddy also likes instant noodles. Apparently, he grew up on instant noodles. His mum used to cook instant noodles every day for his school lunch when he was in primary school.

So anyway, a few months ago, when Daddy found out that there was a restaurant that specializes in Indomie in Lakesfield, Sungai Besi, he wanted to give it a try. So we drove all the way there from USJ just to have instant noodles for dinner.




There was Indomie-flavoured chips for sale.


It tastes salty (just like its dry instant noodles) but super spicy. Ethan just ate one piece and had finished a whole glass of Milo.


There were quite a variety of dishes but everything seemed so spicy. We ordered the Mumbo Jumbo platter which came with Indomie, grilled chicken, fried prawns, grilled beef steak, satay, fried eggs, and 4 varieties of chili on the side. The chicken and satay were tasty but I found the beef to be a bit too tough. It needed lots of chewing before I could swallow it. The chili was fine for me but Daddy had to have 2 glasses of ice lemon tea.


The kids, on the other hand, found everything to be too spicy. So we ordered another bowl of plain Indomie for them – without any chili at all. Unfortunately, I think the packet of spice that came with the Indomie already has chili in it. We ended up with half-finished platter (as it was meant for 4 people) and another bowl of hardly-eaten Indomie.

Definitely not a place for kids who do not eat chili at all….

After dinner, the kids went to the nearby 7-Eleven to buy Gardenia cream buns.

However, if you are a fan of spicy Indomie, check out Indobowl’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IndoBowlOfficial/

You’ll also be happy to know that they just opened another branch in SS15 Subang Jaya!

Recently, I saw on a friend’s Instagram that there was a new restaurant in Sunway called Tiger Tiger Sunway selling really yummy-looking instant noodles and nasi lemak. Their variety of instant noodles and nasi lemak were like nothing that I have seen before.

So this time, I told Daddy to let’s try it out. We went over last Saturday for dinner. The restaurant set up was pretty simple but it was quite crowded (considering there were not that many tables and chairs available).


There were so many varieties of instant noodles and nasi lemak on the menu. I left the job of ordering to Daddy as he was having a hard time deciding what to choose.

I was really surprised when this plate of 5 crackers came. It was stated ‘Keropok’ on the menu so we were expecting some keropok lekor or something like that.
I have no idea why Daddy has to order half-boiled eggs all the time….
Our Nasi Lemak Volcano Chicken Chop was exploding with delicious (and extremely fattening) gravy and sambal.
Instant noodles with butter chicken and fried egg
I love this Butter sauce sotong! Absolutely yummilicious!
The kids’ instant noodles with fried chicken and fried egg.

We had explicitly mentioned to the waitress that the kids’ instant noodles must NOT be spicy at all. Unfortunately, the noodles was still spicy – so spicy that the kids had to drink half a cup of Milo to wash all the spiciness away.

But the waitress was so nice when we complained to her. She took the whole plate back and replaced it with a new plate of noodles. This time, there was absolutely no hint of chili in it at all.

Isabel finished her new plate of noodles with no problem.
The nasi lemak was a bit too spicy for Daddy though. Look at how many cups of water he needs to drink…

Overall, I liked the food here. It was delicious and it was really something different.

Next time, I think I’ll be ordering their Nasi Lemak Mini Lobster or maybe one of their nasi goreng.

Photo credit: Tiger Tiger Sunway Facebook
Photo credit: Tiger Tiger Sunway Facebook



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