Disney’s Coco Candle Art Workshop for Charity

When Isabel first watched the trailer of Disney’s latest animation, Coco, she was so excited and couldn’t wait for it to come out in the cinema. She kept reminding us when the show will be out and insisted to watch it as soon as possible.

We managed to watch it last week and the kids loved it. Ethan found the show a bit sad at the end and got a little teary-eyed. Isabel loved the paintings of the skulls (which surprised me as I thought she might be freaked out by it) and how the story shows the importance of family and second chances.

When I saw that Da Vinci Creative Kids was having a Crafity Charity Workshop in partnership with OrphanCare for the release of Coco, I thought my kids would be excited to participate. It was a candle art workshop and registration fee costs RM55 per pax. For every fee collected, RM25 will be donated to OrphanCare to help underprivileged, abandoned newborns and children in regaining family love.


Isabel was eager to join but Ethan nonchalantly gave me a ‘why-bother-look’ and asked, “Why would I want to go for a candle art workshop? What will I get out of it and how will I use this knowledge in the future?” Hhmmm…. I don’t know what is he going to do with this ‘knowledge’ so I just reply just as nonchalantly, “Fine, don’t go if you don’t want to.” I am not going to spend money and have to nag for him to go.

Fortunately, my 2 God-sons were interested to come along. At least then Isabel would not be lonely.

The workshop was pretty simple actually. It was more colouring than anything else but the kids seemed to enjoy it.



Isabel giving me the ‘can-you-stop-taking-photos’ look 🙂



Once the colouring was done, just stick the paper onto the candle.



Wrap a piece of wax paper around it….


Heat it up by blowing a hair-dryer…

Another ‘stop-taking-photos’ look… hahaha

Once you can see the oil seeping out, remove the wax paper….


And there you have it… your beautiful artwork transferred onto the candle.




You can also add some glitter glue for some bling-bling.




These are the ones done by the teachers:



The whole workshop only took 45 minutes. The kids went off with certificates, vouchers and a drawing book each.

You can check out the workshop at Da Vinci Creative Kids’ website: http://www.davinci.com.my/html/updates.html#dv-2017-crafity-charity-workshop

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