DIY Stress Ball Using Diaper Gel

Isabel loves watching craft tutorials (among other things) on YouTube. One of her favourite channels is WhatsUpMoms where there are loads of DIY projects that she could try her hands on.

One of the DIY projects she saw recently was making stress balls using diaper gel. Yup, you read that right – diaper gel. I never would have thought of that.

It’s actually pretty easy to make. All you need are just balloons and a diaper. My problem was with the diaper as it’s not cheap. However, Isabel managed to convince me to buy her one small pack as she needed it for her slime projects as well.

Here’s how you make your own stress ball:

Pour a generous amount of water onto the diaper and let it soak for a little while.
Once it’s soaked, use a pair of scissors to cut the diaper open.
Cut a mineral water bottle into half and attach a balloon onto the hole as shown in picture.
Use a spoon to scoop the wet diaper gel into the opening of the mineral water bottle.
Push the gel through the hole and into the balloon.
Once you have your desired size, tie up the balloon.
Take another balloon and cut as shown in the picture.
Wrap the balloon around the gel-filled one.
There you have it – start squishing your DIY stress ball to release whatever stress you may have 🙂
It turned out a little odd-shape instead of completely round but it’s squishy enough for a good squeeze.

Well, I’m bringing this stress ball to work next week though I hope I won’t need to use it too often…

To watch the tutorial on What’s Up Moms, click here.

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