Unicorn fart bath bombs?

Influenced by the power of YouTube and Instagram, there are a few things that Isabel are really into right now.

In no particular order, these things get her all excited: unicorns, slimes, squishies and bath bombs. It’s amazing how she learns about these things over the internet so quickly. I have to keep a close tab on what she watches on social media, lest she stumble upon some inappropriate sites.

Anyway, she loves watching videos on bath bombs and how it sizzles and turns the water in the bath tub all colourful. As our house does not have a bath tub (as with most Malaysian homes), she settled for a pail to see the tiny bath bombs she bought from Daiso sizzle in water.

You can hardly find beautiful bath bombs in Malaysia since bath tubs are rare in homes here.

So when I chanced upon a Facebook Page for Wunderbath, I quickly told Isabel about it. They have a shop which was located in a mall just 5 minutes away from where we are staying and they sell bath bombs! Talk about coincidence.

That very afternoon, Isabel forced us to go to the mall for lunch.

Right after lunch, she rushed us to the shop.

The shop looks so cute with all the yellow duckies!

Besides bath bombs, they also sell lip balms, soaps, essential oils, body butter and more – all beautifully hand-crafted.

Look at how incredibly cute these soaps are! They don’t even look anything like soaps at all!


And look at these candles! They are too beautiful to be burned!


I told Isabel that she could only get one bath bomb but she managed to get her Daddy to buy 2 for her.

She found her favourite – unicorn fart (yes, unicorn farts are colourful and smells like cotton candy…) and unihorn (that’s a unicorn horn, in case you are not aware :-)).

(Note: All product photos above are from http://www.wunderbath.co. Visit their site for a full list of their handmade products)

As Isabel was happily walking away from the shop with her bath bombs, she noticed that Wunderbath has a counter right outside the shop, and they had a Bath Bomb Station where you could make your own bath bombs. Needless to say, she wanted to make one.



The basic ingredients were already pre-mixed, so we do not know what’s in there.


All she had to do was to mix the ingredients.


Add in some decorations into a transparent half ball…






Scoop the mixture into each half of the ball…




And close it up together.



There you have it… Isabel’s own unicorn fart 🙂


On the way back home, Isabel told me that she wants to make her own bath bombs at home. She said that the ingredients are listed on the sticker at the back of the bath bombs and we could go and get our own ingredients… Hhmmm….. I wonder what is citric acid and where can I get it….

“Easy!” she said. ‘Just google it la!”


Once we got home, she wanted to take a shower right away – an hour long shower, as she puts the unicorn fart into a container and watched it slowly sizzle.


She’s saving the unicorn fart that she made, as well as the unihorn, for when we move into our new house soon. Believe it or not, Daddy is fitting a bath tub into our new house just because his little Princess loves bath tubs!

Looks like I really need to learn how to make our own bath bombs so that we can save some money…

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