Fun afternoon with the bare bears


I didn’t know that the 3 adorable bears from We Bare Bears were such a big hit. I only got to know Panda, Grizz and Ice Bear when I saw my kids watching the show on Cartoon Network. These 3 characters, drawn in simple 2D animation, are good friends that go through fun and hilarious adventures as they live among humans in the city. They are so up-to-date with the human technology that they are constantly seen using social media in the show.

It goes to show that it doesn’t matter if the animation is in 2D or 3D as long as the storyline is good and appeals to the current generation.
EcoWorld recently brought the bears to its new project in Eco Forest. Situated deep in the lush greenery of Semenyih, Eco Forest is a new township on a sprawling 515-acre of surrounding greens with a Central Park and a lake.
Of course, our intention of driving all the way to Semenyih was just to see the bears as I have no intention of buying any new properties (sorry, EcoWorld ☺).
Ethan and Isabel (as well as Daddy) are big fans of the bears so they were very excited to visit the expo. Fortunately, we managed to visit the expo on the very last day, which was yesterday.
There were so many people there that we were forced to park by the roadside on the main road, which was quite a distance to the entrance archway. The organisers must have anticipated the crowd so there were vans arranged to drive us in from the archway to the Central Park.






All set to start taking photos with our favourite bears…


























Here are the show units… However, we were not allowed to visit the units as it was reserved for registered buyers.


The bears were so popular that their plush toys were all sold out. Only the t-shirts and button badges were still available.


Well, EcoWorld definitely did a great job with the We Bare Bears 1001 Expo. I hope their properties did just as well since I think most of the crowd were there for the bears only….

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