Enjoying a few climbs at Funtopia SS15

Being a school holiday last week and nothing much for the kids to do, Isabel wanted to go climbing at Funtopia at the Courtyard SS15. She has been there once, with her cousin Krista, earlier last month and she wanted to go again.

As it was a school holiday, the fee was RM10 more expensive although it was a weekday. At RM34, Isabel could play with all the attractions for an hour.
We reached the place at 8.30pm and it was completely empty. Last call was at 9.00pm as the place closes at 10.00pm. Well, it was a good thing that Isabel had the whole place to herself and did not have to turns. Ethan was not into climbing and opted to just sit it out (or so he said…).



Getting all geared up….

Going for her climbs….


Meanwhile, Ethan could not resists going in (as I have expected earlier). As he was not geared up, he had to settle playing with the cubes while Isabel continues with her climbs….













This was the slide that Isabel was most afraid. She tried it earlier when she came here the first time and was terrified! So I was so surprised when she said she was going to give it another try.

You basically hold on to the handle…

as it pulls you up….


Then you let go and slide all the way down…


Since the place was empty and it was nearly closing time, the workers allowed Ethan to join in as well without paying 🙂



That was all the climbing Isabel wanted to do. She was not keen on going up the ropes at all.

The night ended with a few rounds at the playground…




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