Jalan-jalan in Penang

We are starting to make it a practice that when my sister and her family comes back from Zurich to KL for a visit, we will have a short trip somewhere to spend the time together. Last year, we went to Cherating Beach in Kuantan. This year, we initially wanted to go to one of the islands on the East Coast but due to my brother’s work commitment, we decided to go to Penang instead.

Unfortunately, even though we accommodated the location to suit my brother’s schedule, he had to bail out at the very last minute as his boss made him cancel his leave for an important on-going project.

We reached the island around 8.30pm on a Thursday night as we wanted to wait till the kids finish school at 3.00pm. By then, everyone was starving so we went straight to Love Lane for its famous hawker fare.










We stayed at the Bayview Beach Resort, which was almost at the end of Batu Ferringhi. The hotel was old but was very well maintained. You will notice the architecture was designed probably 20 or 30 years ago but was clean and well-kept.

Photo credits: http://www.penang-hotels.com/bayview/

The next morning, it was straight to the pool after breakfast. It was a beautiful morning and there were not many people around. It was almost like we had the whole pool to ourselves.





What we loved about the hotel was also that it was right at the beach. That was the main criteria for the kids. Plus, it was great that the beach was almost at the end of Batu Ferringi so it was pretty quiet and clean. But of course, you can’t expect the sea water in Penang to be clear as East Malaysia or the East Coast.






My mum enjoyed a foot massage by this lady who has been working at the hotel for 17 years. It only costs RM30 for a 30-min foot massage – a price that has not been increased for the past 10 years, according to the lady.


By 1 pm, it was time to chase the kids out of the pool and head out for lunch.
My sister wanted to visit the Khoo Kongsi so that was where we went after lunch.


As a descendant of the Khoo clan, Daddy was proudly showing off the history of the Khoos in Penang.





As Khoos, Daddy, Ethan, Isabel and I got to go in for free as visitors.

Meanwhile, the non-Khoos had to pay RM10 per pax and went in as Guests.


The amazing architecture and intricate carvings of the temple had everyone in awe.







The day was so hot that we had to stop for a drink and a snow ball before walking back to the car.


Next stop was the Penang Hill, at the request of my mum.

Taking some photos while waiting for Daddy to get the tickets…




The tram was so packed that I couldn’t even take any photos going up….

A beautiful view and blowing cool wind greeted us once we reached the top.




There was an Owl Museum there. I didn’t want to go in as it seems like one those of places that I will regret having to pay for the tickets and feeling that it was not worth it at all. Daddy and the kids, however, was so keen to go in and insisted that I join them.




And I was right. We only spent 5 minutes to walk through the whole place and wasted RM36 for the tickets… it was so not worth it.

I would have rather stayed outside to enjoy the beautiful evening skyline.

By the time we left the hill, it was getting late. Dinner was at the Beach Corner at Batu Ferringhi. And of course, the kids took the opportunity to walk on the beach after dinner.



Dinner was simple but delicious. A great way to end the night.

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