Going back in history

The thought of visiting a museum has not crossed my mind for the longest time. Well, at least not the local national museum. However, since Ethan started taking History lesson this year, he has been asking me to bring him to a museum. He has been asking for a few months already but we just never seemed to have the time to go.
Last month, we finally made time to go to the National Museum.

After my last visit there more than 20 years ago, I was expecting a lot of changes. Somehow, everything still seems to look the same to me.

The exterior is very much still the same as I remembered.



The ticket is just RM2 per adult. Kids get to go in for free.

Daddy couldn’t resist getting some kacang putih before going in…



One thing that seemed different to me was how small the museum looked to me now. As a kid, the museum seemed very big. Now, I can’t help but feel how small the place feels.

There are 4 galleries: Gallery A – Pre History, Gallery B – Malay Kingdoms, Gallery C – Colonial Era, and Gallery D – Malaysia Today.

There was signage at the entrance showing that no photography was allowed so I did not dare to take out my camera when we were in the Pre History Gallery . When we reached the Malay Kingdoms Gallery, I thought I would just ask the guard if I could take some photos and he said, go ahead and told me to take as many photos as I like! Hhmmm… I wonder what was the no photography signage was for in the first place.

Anyway, I was not going to go back to the Pre History Gallery that we have passed, so I only managed to capture photos from the other 3 galleries.

Here’s the Malay Kingdom Gallery:






























The Colonial Era Gallery:









And finally, the Malaysia Today Gallery:



It was a public holiday when we were there that morning but the place was so empty and quiet…..



Well, I am not sure how much history the kids learned that day. They seemed to just pass by the displays and not reading the panels. In less than an hour, we were done with 4 galleries.  Perhaps the government should think of a museum that is more attractive to the kids….


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