UK Agro Farm Kluang

This post has been sitting in the Draft section of my blog for the longest time…. It should have been posted up right after the Legoland post but I don’t know why I didn’t do so…

So, anyway, after our Legoland trip in November last year, the fun did not end there. After spending more than half a day at the water park, we drove up to Kluang that evening to continue our holiday.

We arrived in the evening and went for a delicious dinner at Restoran Ikan Asam Pedas, which, as you can obviously guess, was famous for their Ikan Asam Pedas.

The famous Ikan Asam Pedas – Daddy’s favourite kind of dishes

Yummy Otak-Otak

Egg, vege and stir-fried chili sotong with petai

Love the spicy, tasty prawns cooked with lots of garlic

Another one of Daddy’s favourite dishes

Dinner with good friends

The next morning, the must-go destination was definitely Kluang Railway Station. Not to take a train but to have breakfast at the famous Kluang Rail Coffee Shop. In case you have not heard of this place, it’s famous for its aromatic coffee and yummy nasi lemak bungkus. It’s situated right at the Kluang Railway Station.You can check out their website here:

According to the website, the coffee shop has been operating at the same location since 1938 and is currently run by the 3rd generation of Lim family that started the business.

We had so much food as everything was so delicious. We took lots of photos but I am not sure why I couldn’t find them in the camera. We definitely had many packs of nasi lemak, mee hoon, cucur udang, roti kaya, mee soto, etc.





Luckily, we were there earlier. The place was so packed shortly after we arrived.



After the satisfying breakfast, it was time to have a look at the old train station which is almost 80 years old. The look and feel of it sure brings you back to the 1930’s.




As usual, Isabel could not resist getting some snacks…

Next destination was the highlight of the day for the kids – UK Agro Farm – which was just a short drive away from Kluang Railway Station.



The place was awfully quiet that day, despite it being a public holiday. Besides us, there was only another family there. We were expecting a large crowd, so this really surprised us.





You can either go around the farm on foot, by bus or by horse cart. I wanted to take the bus as it could fit in all seven of us and it was much cheaper. The kids, however, insisted on the horse carts. Each horse cart costs RM200, excluding the entrance fee which was RM50 per person. This was so much more expensive than taking the bus (which was only RM60 per person including entrance fee) but Daddy said it’s ok since it will give the kids an experience of riding on the horse cart. Well, as long as I am not paying….

Whether you take the bus or the horse cart, the guide will bring you to all the stops so that you get a complete tour of the whole place.


The farm is known for its goats – which you can pet and feed.


















The baby goats are just so cute!









The beautiful landscape outside the goat pen….

Here’s the goat milk processing factory where we got to watch the goats getting milked.





Fancy trying some fresh goat milk? Not me….

Machines to process and pasteurize the milk.

The goat milk are also used to make body lotion.

Getting the horse ready as we continue our journey …

We stopped by the duck pond where the kids got to feed the ducks through a funnel…





Feeding the chickens…



There were also deers, ostriches, bunnies…








Taking a short walk to the Jakun Village….

This is an animal trap.

A hut high up on stilts.



Getting a feel of how it’s like inside one of the houses.


A cultural Jakun performance.



Next, it was time to enjoy some fresh coconut and fresh goat milk ice-cream before heading back out to the reception area.




Playing on the swing while waiting for the horse ride.



Last stop was the mini zoo and the lavender garden.




That wrapped up our day at the farm. What I enjoyed most was getting so close to all those goats. It was definitely a lovely experience to see how adorable they were and be able to feed and pet them.
You can check out their website at


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