Uncle Rani Chicken Farm

After the recent day trip to Janda Baik, I was looking forward to ‘exploring’ new places which are just a short drive away.

Since the recent Wesak Day was just a one day public holiday, my mum suggested for us to go to the nearby Uncle Rani Chicken Farm in Kampung Gombak, Kuang. It’s actually a village in Rawang, and it took us just 30 minutes to reach there from Bandar Sunway since the highways were quite empty.

My mum found out about the place when she read an article about the farm in one of the Chinese newspapers. The farm is famous for its restaurant which serves a variety of organic chicken dishes.
Driving into the village on a narrow tarred road surrounded by trees on both sides, I would not have thought that there was a chicken farm or restaurant in there.

The first thing that caught my attention when we reached the farm was the extremely green pond. Apparently, it is so green because of the floating plants that grow on top of the water. These plants are used to make chicken feed.

This ‘shack’ is the restaurant that was so famous. It’s very small, with very limited tables but it’s clean.
As usual, Ethan could not help playing with the cat the moment he saw it. Fortunately, Isabel knows that she is allergic to cats and stayed away from it.
Pineapples growing in the yard.
If you want to eat here, make sure you make a reservation a few days earlier. The restaurant is very busy (and small), so it gets filled up very fast. There is a variety of chicken dishes that you can pre-order. Walk-ins are usually not encouraged as the restaurant staff needs to prepare the dishes earlier.
There was a family of 3 who just walked in but the owner told them that they must make reservations earlier.

That’s Uncle Rani standing at the back (photo below). He is a really friendly guy. He came over to chat with us and explained to us about the farm. According to him, his chickens are only fed with natural feeds, including seaweed which are washed with non-chlorine water. His chickens are also grown naturally. Most chickens grown in commercialized farms are big enough to be slaughtered within a month but his chickens take up to 4 months as they are raised naturally.


Here comes lunch. We ordered 3 varieties of chicken, each dish cooked with one whole organic chicken.
 Yummy fried chicken….

Spicy delicious rendang chicken…..

Good old steamed chicken….


We also ordered 3 vege dishes and one egg dish but I only managed to take photo of the mixed vege dish.

Everything was delicious but 3 whole chickens were too much for us, so we ending up packing the remaining of the food home.
All in all, it costs us RM287 (including free flow of rice and Chinese tea).
After lunch, we took a walk to have a look at the farm.
One thing that I liked about the farm was that it was not smelly, like how you would expect a chicken farm to be. I read in one of the online reviews on the farm that the chicken were fed with all natural diet so that the chicken’s wastes are full of enzymes, which combats odour. This is also the reason why you hardly see flies buzzing around.
Isabel was disappointed that Daddy didn’t let her go inside the fenced up chicken area. He didn’t want the kids to step on the chicken poop and get in his car with their shoes all dirty. If we drove my car that day, I would have just let the kids run wild in there!










There was also a few ducks and a goose.



One of the chickens managed to get out of the fenced up area.

And Isabel tried to catch it….

The sky was cloudy, ready for a downpour. Time to go home.

Till the next trip then….
Meanwhile, if you would like to give Uncle Rani’s delicious organic chicken a try, just call 016-227 7011 to make your reservation.


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