Relaxing day trip to Bentong, Bukit Tinggi and Janda Baik

With the recent long weekend over the Labour Day holiday, we decided to have a short road trip out of town. Going anywhere further out of town will definitely be met with terrible traffic jam, so the best thing to do was just go somewhere a short drive away.

My brother suggested to go to Janda Baik, which was just an hour’s drive away from where we live. We googled up Janda Baik to see what was there to do but it seems like it is just a quiet little town. One of the popular things to do there was to visit the waterfall. However, I am not such a big fan of waterfalls. I started having this paranoia about waterfalls after reading so many reports about people drowning or catching rat urine disease.

So, since there was nothing much to do in Janda Baik, my brother suggested that we drop by Bentong for breakfast. I can’t remember when was the last time I had been to Bentong. It must have been more than 20 over years.

I am not sure if it has changed much over the last 20 over years but it was still a really small town, and it was packed with cars. There were cars parked everywhere, the roads were jammed up, and most of the coffee shops were full of people, whom I presume were local tourists just like us.

We went to this extremely-packed coffee shop, which my brother said was the most popular in Bentong, and stood waiting for a place to sit. After about 10 minutes, and with the kids getting restless, we we went to look for another less-crowded coffee shop.

We came upon this coffee shop which sells dry noodles, fried noodles, curry laksa and porridge. We just went in since there were still seats available.

Look at all those fried intestines!





After finishing their bowls of noodles, the 2 guys were not satisfied that they did not get to eat at the famous (and extremely packed) coffee shop. So we went back there.

There was still so many people waiting for empty tables…. I really wonder if the food was really so good.


This was the wan tan mee stall that had everyone waiting. Some waited for almost an hour just for a bowl. When we wanted to order, the man told us that there was a long queue so we might as well order from another stall.


Since we didn’t even get to order, I just took a photo of someone else’s bowls.


Chicken looked yummy but I was too full from my earlier curry laksa.

I usually love curry chee cheong fun but I was only able to eat one mouth of it. Daddy had to finish up the whole bowl.

There was a homeless lady sitting just next to our table. Since we had so much food left, my mum invited her to sit at our table and offered the food to her.

Here’s how bored Isabel looked, while waiting for us to finish up our food.

After the hearty breakfast(s), it was still early so we drove to the nearby rabbit and deer farm which was about 30 minutes away.

We actually brought the kids here before. Ethan came here twice before and Isabel once, but both of them couldn’t remember as they were just toddlers then.

As usual, both of them, especially Ethan, were so excited to pet and feed the rabbits and deers.





Isabel couldn’t help laughing when the deer started pooping.

The mummy deer couldn’t even poop in peace as her baby decided that it must have milk right at that moment. Guess baby deers and human babies are pretty much the same….









While Ethan was still engrossed with the deers and rabbits, Isabel was all ready for a pony ride.






There was nothing much to do there after petting the animals and riding the pony, so next on the impromptu agenda was a drive up to Bukit Tinggi since we were already nearby.


It’s funny how the first thing we did when we reached Colmar Tropicale was to sit down at a restaurant and order pizzas after having such a heavy breakfast.



With nothing much to do there, Ethan and I made a wax mold of our hands together.



Meanwhile, Isabel (who was grossed out by the wax), headed to the shop opposite for some clay painting. I have no idea why she needed to paint on that day, and made everyone wait for her for almost 45 minutes.


Ethan watching the white swans…


Isabel went over to the other side to watch the black swans….


While I stood in the middle, watching the both of them watching the swans….

And my mum and brother watched me watching my kids watching swans. Can you see them?



Finally, it was time to go to Janda Baik. We went to where the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant was and I loved the place. The surrounding area was so beautiful and serene with tall pine trees and luscious green forest.
















Someone couldn’t resist showing off her gymnastic skills….





and her cheer leading skills.



While this boy couldn’t resist lying down on the grass.

And that was the end of our day trip. It was short, with nothing much to do, but still very much relaxing and enjoyable.

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