Family fun at Legoland!

Isn’t it great to be able to go for a holiday for free when you were not expecting it in the first place?

We were planning to go to Legoland end of November and at the same time, a friend was looking for me to do a video shoot for Sony’s Action Cam. The concept of the video was to show how easy it was to use the Action Cam to record all the fun and action during a family outing.

So what better time to do the video shoot than during our trip to Legoland? It’s a family outing after all. And it was definitely going to be fun!

Since the video was for Sony, they had graciously paid for the 2 days entrance tickets for both my family as well as my friend’s family. The free tickets had easily saved us around RM800 for 2 adults and 2 kids.

We still had to pay for our own accommodation, though. We stayed at Sommerset Medini which was just across the street from Legoland.

When we arrived at the hotel on Saturday, it had been raining for almost the whole day. We were really hoping for clear weather the next 2 days so that we could enjoy our trip there.

Fortunately, we woke up to bright, clear weather the next day. After a quick breakfast, we couldn’t wait to get into Legoland!

View of Legoland from our hotel room.


Isabel just couldn’t resist from showing off her gynmastics move!


Family photo before starting the day off


Wearing the Legoland cap which we had gotten during our first trip to Legoland a few years ago


Showing off her split (still not perfect yet though)


So where should we go first?


Ethan is taking it very seriously…


Look! Santa is here!



Posing for the Action Cam


Doesn’t she look adorable?


Daddy getting ready with the Action Cam


Aeryn loves this! Kept pressing the button for the water to burst out and

then kept screaming when she got splashed with water


We had barely started and the kids were already getting themselves so wet





This thing doesn’t work if you are soaking wet…



Isabel went with Daddy for the roller coaster and came out crying!


Time for ice-cream and slushie


The Action Cam follows the kids











Again with the map






The Action Cam is so easy to use that even a kid can handle it







Isabel loved this so much that she went for 3 rounds





The boys trying to build the fastest car


Meanwhile, the Action Cam captures the girls trying to build the tallest tower


Hhhmm… what should I build?


How about a chair?
While waiting for the boys to finish building their car, let’s go for a kiddy train ride.


Yay, it’s done!



Let’s take it for a race!


What kind of poses are these?


Trying to act cute!


Ethan’s most anticipated area – NinjaGo!






After lining up for more than 1 hour, it’s finally our turn!


Taking a break with a game on the phone


At least the girls are not hooked to their phones







Getting a bit bored of queuing up so they played rock, paper, scissors



Still waiting….



It was almost 7pm by the time we were done with the boat ride. There goes one whole day
The next day, it was time to get wet!


Didn’t get to take photos at the wet park as we kept our camera in the locker. We only managed to get videos using the Action Cam but we’ll have to wait till the video is edited before we get to watch it.

After we were done for the day, we drove straight to Kluang for our next destination. I don’t even know how long was the drive from Legoland to Kluang as the kids and I fell asleep 5 minutes after we got into the car.

Dinner that night was at the famous (according to various blogs) Restoran Ikan Asam Pedas in Kluang Baru.

Ooops, the photo didn’t turn out right. I need a better camera…

The food was really delicious, Simple, tasty and affordable.

Love the Sambal Sotong (RM15,00)


Big plate of otak-otak (RM9.00)


Fried Ikan Lidah (RM30,60)


The famous Asam Pedas fish head (RM30.20)


Tasty prawns fried with garlic (RM18.00)
Wonderful dinner with wonderful friends


After the delicious meal, we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s rest. More fun awaits us (or more particularly, the kids) as we will be heading to UK Agro Farm the next day.


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