Cuti-Cuti Malaysia in Sekinchan

When Daddy told me that we are going to Sekinchan for a 2 days 1 night trip during the short holiday earlier this month, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Sekinchan? What could we possible do there for 2 days?” We had been there 2 years before and the only thing we saw then were just paddy fields.

But Daddy seemed to have done a lot of research on Sekinchan and decided that there were interesting things to see and do there for 2 days.

So we got my mum, brother and mother-in-law to join us for the trip. We booked a 3-bedroom apartment for RM320 a night.

We left in the morning on Sunday and took 2 hours to reach there, no thanks to the traffic jam. The first place that we headed to was the famous Cha Po Tion Restaurant. There were a few seafood restaurants along the road but everyone seemed to want to queue up at this particular restaurant, which seem more like a shack. The other restaurant right next to it (which looked much newer and cleaner) had a few empty tables and my mum was wondering why we can’t just go there instead.

Fortunately, it was only 12 noon when we reached there so the queue wasn’t that long. We just had to wait for 10 minutes before we managed to get a table. It seemed that their most famous dish was a shark dish. Hhmmm…. shark? No, thank you. We settled for the usual dishes instead.

After a hearty lunch, it was time to head out to the paddy fields that Sekinchan is famous for. It was such a beautiful (albeit sunny) day to be out. The sky was clear and the fields looked beautiful.


As we had been to the paddy processing plant 2 years before, we decided not to pay the tickets to go into their education centre again. We just took some photos outside and shopped at the stalls instead.



Then, it was the Mango King shop just 2 minutes away. They are famous for their mangoes and both Daddy and Isabel love mangoes. Besides mangoes, they also sold other local stuff.






While the grandmas and Daddy carefully selected the mangoes and other produce, Kau Fu and the kids played with a stray dog, which I had to keep reminding them not to touch.


Ahhh, relaxing on the hammock….

Next stop was the La Familia fruit orchard. Honestly, this was the first time that I had ever went to a fruit orchard. I loved how we were surrounded by so many trees and it was cool and shady there. It was also lovely to see the fruits hanging from the trees.













Our next destination was Pantai Redang. There were so many people there, and old swings and hammocks were hanging from the big, old trees.


The famous tree, in front of the temple, was where people throw red ribbons high up on it and make their wishes. Judging by how ‘red’ the tree has become, I think thousands of people had made their wishes there. I wonder how many of the wishes had come true….

Ethan playing on a very. very old slide….

Grandma walking along the stalls…

Hey, what is minion doing here? What’s the fella’s name? I can’t remember….

It was such a windy day, perfect for kite-flying…


One of the stalls offered sand art in bottles and Isabel just HAD to try one….


Ethan trying it out as well….

Meanwhile, the 2 grandmas sat down for a chat while enjoying the sea breeze…


Such a lovely evening…


There were a few tree houses there. They were pretty run down but safe enough for the kids to climb up.




The kids wishing they could go into the sea…


MUST HAVE ice-cream before we go off…


Dinner was at Sekinchan Boy. Honestly, the food was not great and the service was pretty slow though there were just a few customers. But there was some trick arts that got Isabel excited.






The next morning, we headed out for brunch at another seafood restaurant. I did not manage to take any photos but guess what was their signature dish? Yup, shark meat again. What’s up with shark meat in Sekincan?

After lunch, we drove 2 minutes to the famous yong tau foo Dong Xin Trading factory, to get some fish balls and tau fu pok for a steamboat dinner at home that night.








Right opposite the shop was the small factory where they process and pack the seafood.






Having a look at the fishing village right behind the factory…

The sun was blazing hot that afternoon but the kids INSISTED THAT THEY MUST have a bicycle ride before we head home.




It was incredibly hot and I was sweating so much. After 20 minutes of cycling around, I gave up and cycled straight back to the shop despite the kids’ protest. No amount of protest would make me cycle for another minute more. The moment we reached the shop, I hopped off and quickly ran inside to get a bottle of ice cold water, leaving Daddy to cycle another 5 minutes with the kids.

Finally, it was time to go home. It was such a short trip but we enjoyed it. We are looking forward to another weekend with a public holiday so that we can enjoy another Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. So many places to go but so little time…

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