A new ‘British’ playland for the kids

I think parents nowadays seem to have no problems about spending RM50 for one child to have a couple of hours at a playground. That’s how much it usually cost to have a few hours of play time at one of those indoor playgrounds that seem to be popping up at every shopping mall.

Ethan and Isabel, like all kids, love to play at these playgrounds. Both of them easily cost us RM100 each time. Imagine parents with 3 or 4 kids… Well, as long as I don’t have to pay for it, I guess I shouldn’t complain, or be a party-pooper and just let them go have fun.

The new Sunway Pyramid Hotel West recently saw the opening of The Parenthood. It has an in-door playground, shopping area as well as an international pre-school, and beauty and wellness centres for parents and kids. This is the second The Parenthood family park after the one in Sunway Putra Mall.

The first place that the kids headed for once we reached there was the Playland, obviously. It was such a colourful place and it looked so exciting. The theme of the place was based on the 1st London Street Park, so you can see everything ‘British’.


Here are the rates, in case you are interested to know.
And off they go!






















I couldn’t help from climbing up myself too… it looks like so much fun…



After a while of climbing inside, I decided it’s not fun when you are more than 5 feet tall. Everything is so low that you have to keep bending your back or risk knocking your head. I should just stay outside where the adults belong…











Isabel could not resist practicing her cart wheel…


Meanwhile, Daddy has to entertain himself with endless games of World of Tanks while waiting for the kids to tire themselves out…



Time for have a look around the place after 3 hours of burning energy…






“I want this one!” she said. “No,” I replied







A happy little girl who again managed to get Daddy to buy her what she wants

The shopping area has a nice concept but I am not excited about the choices as there are nothing much to see. Well, at least the Playland was fun enough for the kids. I am sure we will be back soon.


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