Feeling like a tourist in KL

Having lived in KL and Selangor for 4 decades, it has never crossed my mind to visit one of the state’s most popular tourist attractions. We hear about Batu Caves at least once a year during Thaipusam and yet it had never struck my mind to visit the place. Perhaps knowing that it is so near, we take it for granted that we can visit the place whenever we want.

So, with the long weekend recently, my bestie (who also has never been there) and I decided to bring our kids over to Batu Caves to have a look. As it was a public holiday, the traffic was very clear. We only took 15 mins to reach Damansara Uptown for breakfast and another 15 mins from there to Batu Caves.

It had already started raining early in the morning. By the time we reached there around 10.30am, there was still a slight drizzle but we didn’t let that dampen our mood. All we needed was 2 brightly-coloured umbrellas which we bought from one of the stall near the car park.

What excited the two younger kids were the pigeons. They were running around trying to catch the birds.












Meanwhile, the mummies and the 2 older boys were hiding under an umbrella






Group photo before starting our climb up



It’s so high….


I was so focused on reaching the top that I did not really stop to catch my breath. With my extreme lack of physically exercise, coupled with my high blood pressure, I could feel my heart beat throughout my whole body and I was starting to feel dizzy. Took me 5 mins of rest before I felt fine again.

And once I was fine, I saw how beautiful the cave was.






More steps? Pant, pant…












Isabel decided that I needed to have my hair braided at that very moment, in front of everyone



Tried to take a photo of just the 2 of us but this small boy kept forcing his way into the photo as well





Boys will be boys….


Now it’s Godma’s turn to have her hair braided




Second attempt to take a photo of just the two of us were also unsuccessful. What’s up with these kids?


Time to make our way down









Family photo before going off for lunch

It was just a short visit but it was fun. It was great getting to see the popular tourist attraction and be mesmerized by the beautiful cave.

We should be visiting more local tourist attractions and see how beautiful our country is…. and be enjoying it with good friends.

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