Jumping with joy at the re-opening of EnerZ

EnerZ has recently re-opened and Ethan and Isabel are jumping with joy!

In case you do not know, EnerZ is a trampoline plus ‘extreme’ park in USJ. It boasts of being the largest trampoline park in Asia. I’m not sure if it is really the largest in Asia but my kids sure like that place very much. It’s the perfect place to burn off their excessive energy while having a great time.

The first time we went there was May last year (read previous post here). Ethan and Isabel had such a great time that they wanted to have their birthday party there in June. Invitations were sent out and arrangements were made. Unfortunately, the place caught fire the night before the party! The place has been closed since then and was only re-opened about 3 weeks ago.

When we found out that EnerZ has re-opened, my bestie and I made a date to bring our kids over during the weekend. We bought the Buy-2-Free-2 tickets for RM92 which allows the kids to jump for 2 hours.









Emmanuel jumping into the foam pit
I think this was Isabel’s 10th jump
Ethan making a side jump into the pit



Can you spot Emmanuel?
Great shot!


Two very tired boys
So thirsty and tired
The mummies didn’t play and just took selfie

The two hours passed by too quickly for the kids. They didn’t even get to do the rock-climbing or the obstacle course. So the kids want to come back again next week. In fact, Isabel said she wants to come every weekend. So I guess this is where I’ll be spending my weekend for the next few weeks.

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