Lunch with the kids and doggies

After church service last Sunday, the kids suddenly said that they wanted to go to the cat cafe in Taman Tun. Daddy and I were not keen to go and told them that we were going somewhere else. Daddy drove to Bandar Puchong Jaya, wanting to eat at the Moonlight Cake House.

While he was going to park the car, I spotted a restaurant on the first floor near Moonlight. It was called Bow Wow Cafe and I could see a dog kennel by the window. Figuring that it must be a restaurant for dogs, I quickly googled it up. It was indeed a restaurant for dogs, where owners can bring their dogs along for a meal.

I told Daddy and the kids about it and of course, the kids got excited. When we reached the entrance, my mother-in-law took one look at the flight of steps and said, “What? We need to climb all those stairs?” It was indeed quite a lot of steps for someone with knee problem but she managed to slowly climb those stairs.

Once we got up, the kids were excited to see so many cute pet dogs running around. Isabel immediately went to pick one of the dogs up.



This is my favourite – a mixed breed between a poodle and a shih-tzu










Lunch was delicious, though I find the price to be a bit on the high side…




This cute poodle was sitting at the next table. It was such an obedient dog, didn’t even get down from the chair

Before the kids could even finish their lunch, they were running around playing with the dogs again.








This husky is so beautiful and so well-trained!







Striking a pose for Mummy

You can also get some treats for the dogs


Cakes for dogs?

The kids spent more time playing with the dogs than actually eating their lunch but they definitely enjoyed their time there. They asked if we could go there again next week…

So if your kids like playing with dogs but you don’t want to get a pet dog, you could probably bring your kids there. Or maybe if you just want to hang out with your dogs, it’s a great place for them to run around freely while you enjoy your meal.

Here’s the address if you would like try it out:

1F-06, Kompleks Kenari, Jalan Kenari 19, Bandar Puchong Jaya

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