Joining the traffic jam during Raya holiday

Isabel keeping herself busy with a book during the long drive

With the long Raya holiday weekend, we decided to join in the anticipated massive traffic jam as everyone heads out of KL to go back to their hometowns or a holiday. Daddy asked whether we should go to Penang, Pangkor or Ipoh.

I gave it a thought and decided that, with the heavy traffic, it would double up our time on the highway. If we go to Penang it would probably take us 8 hours instead of the usual 4. Pangkor would also take us around 6 hours instead of 3. The best bet would be Ipoh, it would take us 4 hours instead of 2. At least 4 hours would still be more bearable.

So Ipoh it was. Plus, there was a ‘beach’ there, a place that the kids always look forward to going when we go for a holiday. Of course, it was not a real breach, it was just Lost World of Tambun. Nevertheless, the kids were happy with it.

So we set off, the 4 of us, plus my mum and brother, on Thursday. The traffic was not bad. There was no traffic jam as most people would have already went off on Wednesday.


Before long, she was fast asleep

We made a stop to Kampar first, just to have lunch at Kam Ling Restaurant, which is famous for its Curry Chicken Bread.

Look at those huge Curry Chicken Bread!


So many types of pastries to choose from


Popo deciding what to buy for her friends back home
There was a stall selling name label stickers right next to the pastry shop and Isabel managed to get Kau Foo to buy for her
A very happy Isabel with her stickers
Yummy delicious curry chicken
Soft, fluffy bread on the outside
Even Isabel enjoys the bread so much

The next morning, it was definitely Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant for breakfast! The place was so packed. We had to stand and wait for around 15 mins before we could find a place.

Yes, the kids were very busy indeed

After breakfast, we were off to the Lost World of Tambun.


As we had to keep our camera in the locker, we assigned Kau Foo to take photos of us while we soak in the hot springs, relax at the wave pool and go on the water slides. Unfortunately, Kau Foo went missing after taking a few initial shots and went missing. He didn’t even send me the photos that he took. Which is why I do not have any photos of the hot springs and water slides to post here.

Anyway, after we were done with all the water activities, it was time to walk around the place.

Isabel with her usual pose and Ethan with his usual do-I-really-have-to-take-photos look


The raccoons were so adorable!














Can you spot the kingfisher?





















The next morning, it was breakfast at the very famous Sin Yoon Loong.


Sun Yin Loong’s famous egg on toast






Another famous coffee shop, Nam Heong, right opposite of Sin Yoon Loong
Getting some Salted Chicken
Daddy’s great-grandfather’s road (really, I am serious!). Lam Look Ing was Daddy’s well-known maternal great-grandfather

Lunch at Concubine Lane – it was famous in the older days as a place where concubines to the rich and famous stayed (including Daddy’s great-grandfather’s concubine).

Lunch at Wong Koh Kee Restaurant – it used to be my mum’s friend’s family restaurant. She used to play in this very restaurant when she was in her school days.





The restaurant’s most famous dish – braised deep fried fish with lots of veges

A walk along Concubine Lane after a delicious lunch.







After the stroll along the old shop houses, we drove to Sejak Selalu @ Kong Heng Square. I never knew of this place and was surprised with how they turned the old buildings into such a interesting tourist place. The old shops were turned into boutiques and stalls which still retained its old structure.



Isabel could not resist getting an emoji pillow
Plan B cafe – new amongst the old



Bits & Bobs – where you can get the old-style ice-flavoured ball






Savouring every last drop






It was a short but pretty enjoyable family trip. We finally left at 3pm. And I was right. It was 7pm by the time we reached home.

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