Let’s take a hike!


Seeing that the kids were always glued to their iPads on the weekends, we decided that it will be good for them to get out and have some fun in the nature. Time for them to see the sun and breathe in fresh air!

There is a hill just 15 minutes away from our house in Puchong that is very popular for hiking. We had never hiked before and I was eager to try it out with the kids.

We went on a beautiful Sunday morning together with my mum and brother. We reached at around 8am and there were already so many cars parked at the bottom of the hill. I didn’t know so many people were into hiking.

My mum was very confident before starting the hike. She thought it was like a walk in the park – until she was 10 minutes into the hike. The other hikers were very friendly, though. Everyone kept greeting each other good morning and warned us if there was difficult path up ahead.

The path proved too difficult for mum and Isabel. Halfway up, they decided to go back down and I had to go down with them while the boys continued their hike.

It took the boys roughly one and a half hours to go up and down the hill. By the time they reached the bottom of the hill, they were drenched in sweat but Ethan was proud that he managed to go all the way up. Next time, I will leave Isabel at home with my mum so that I can hike up to the top as well!

Mum giving a very confident peace sign at the start of the track
And off we go!
It was such a beautiful morning
The boys waiting for us up ahead
The track getting a little difficult to climb
Phew! Luckily there was flat ground again!



Mum getting tired and sweaty



Seeing what lies ahead, mum decided to give up. She was afraid she would not be able to get back down too.
The Princess was tired too


So the girls headed back down for a drink


The Princess was too bored waiting for the boys that she started playing with sand on the ground
People must be thinking what is wrong with her mother – why is the mother allowing her kid to play with dirt?


Meanwhile, the boys continued on with their hike


Taking a rest


And another rest
Ethan must have been so tired


At last! They reached the top!
Time to head back down


Two very sweaty and tired but satisfied boys


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