Late night fun at i-City

It’s so great to be living in the city. I love how near we are to fun and exciting places. There is always some place that you can go and have fun.

We recently went to i-City in Shah Alam which was less than 1/2 hour from where we stay. This was the third time that we had visited the place. However, much to the kids’ dismay, we did not go to the SnoWalk. We didn’t go to the WaterWorld either as we only reached the place at almost 7pm.

We tried to go for as many rides as possible (choosing those that were only suitable for kids), but still did not manage to ride everything by the time the park closed.

The kids were in such a good mood that day that they kept posing for me to take photos. And of course, they were exhausted by the time we left at 1.30am that they fell asleep in the car before we even drove out from the car park!

Here’s how much the rides cost!
Here’s where we started the fun evening





































































































Ending the night (or morning) at 1.30am


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