Boxing Day at the Jungle

When we were kids, my siblings and I did not get to go for trips (or anywhere) during school holidays. We stayed home every school holiday during our primary school days all the way till high school as our parents had to work everyday.

Kids nowadays, however, are just so lucky. Parents now plan their holidays together with their kids and also send them for school holiday programmes.

My kids, unfortunately, did not get to go for any holidays this year and the only holiday programme they went for was a church camp.

Feeling a bit guilty, I thought that we could at least go to the nearest ‘beach’, which was Sunway Lagoon. The kids were looking forward to the day but due to unforeseen circumstances, we could not go. Seeing their disappointed little faces, I thought hard of where else we could go and I remembered that I promised them a few months back that we would go to Jungle Gym in Atria. Fortunately for me, the kids forgave me for skipping out on Sunway Lagoon and were just as excited going to Jungle Gym.

So we were there on Boxing Day and the kids got a few hours to run around and burn off their energy.

The entrance fee was not cheap at RM58 per kid. There was also a RM5 entrance fee for me to go in. Oh, well, as long as I am not the one paying for it….

The kids getting safety reminders from Daddy
And off they go!






Practicing her handstand on the trampoline




























Can you spot Isabel?


Catching a break at the Movies Room






Overall, the playground was quite big and they also have a large area for parties.






After 3 hours running around, we decided it was time to drag the kids out for dinner.

Dinner was a simple one at Taiwan Shilin. Dessert was more interesting as we went to Eggu for Isabel’s favourite egg waffles with chocolate chips.

Watching the staff prepare the egg waffles
Interesting menu for egg waffles
One for Isabel and Ethan to share
Another one that comes with ice-cream, pop corn, caramel and biscuits for Daddy and Mummy

As the cafe was right outside Molly Fantasy games centre, we got dragged in by the kids. Seriously, I think these kind of places are SUCH A BIG WASTE OF MONEY! If Daddy was not around, they would definitely not get to go in.






Isabel tried a hopping race game
Ethan joined in the race
Daddy took a turn at racing with Isabel
But the 2 boys were no match for Isabel who won the race by herself!








Finally, we tried almost all the games (that were not broken or much too kiddy)!

So glad the kids enjoyed themselves though we had to cancel our earlier plan. With the school holiday coming to an end this week, it felt like that we had not done much together. Time flew by much too quickly! Can someone please turn back the clock?

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