It’s circus time!

The circus was in town – albeit a mini one. More specifically, at the West End Concourse of Subang Parade.

I found out about the circus from my ex-boss, who brought the circus to Subang Parade for the school holiday. I thought it would be a great idea to catch up with her, together with another ex-colleague, while the kids enjoy the circus performance.

The talents were brought in all the way from Australia, while a local troupe entertained us in their dance performances.

As we waited for the circus to start, the kids got to play some carnival games. You need tickets to play the games and you can get the tickets by redeeming them at the Info Counter with every RM30 purchase at the mall. Fortunately, my ex-boss was so kind to give us a bunch of tickets.
















The show was about to start…. and we were seated in the middle…


While the Little Princess wanted to stand right next to the stage….

The first act – a clown dance by a local troupe.




The Circus Master.


An acrobatic performance.











And of course, you can’t have a circus without a juggle.




An aerialist to thrill the audience.






A dance performance by a local troupe.


The show was short but entertaining enough. Just don’t expect to get the same as a full scale circus. This one is free after all.

Here’s a photo of the troupe with my ex-boss (standing in the middle):



There were also more activities for the kids. They got to make a clown book mark for free.





And there was also free tattoos



Photo of Ethan with my ex-colleague and dear friend:


If you want to catch the show, you’d better head to Subang Parade tomorrow as it’s their last day. The shows will be conducted at 1pm, 3pm and 7pm.


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