A blok of space for kids and parents

Usually, when we are at home, Ethan takes forever to finish building his Lego blocks. He gets so easily distracted by other things going on around him that he never seems to be able to finish the Lego project by himself.

Usually, I am the one who ended up completing his Lego projects. It’s a good thing that I actually enjoy Lego projects.

So, the other day, we were at Empire Shopping Gallery when we passed by Blok Space. Daddy wanted to go for a massage but did not dare to ask me to take care of the kids by myself while he goes off and relax. As soon as he saw Blok Space, he asked the kids whether they wanted to play with Lego.

The kids, of course, were excited seeing so many Lego sets there. . They got to choose their own project and complete it within an hour. For RM18 an hour, Daddy thought that that was a small amount in exchange for some time off for a massage.




Ethan chose an aeroplane which seems simple enough to be completed within an hour while Isabel over-estimated herself and chose a big Frozen castle.

The moment the kids started their projects, I snapped a few photos and were quickly off to enjoy an hour of shopping without anyone bugging me to hurry up the moment I pick up something to see.









When I came back an hour later, Ethan was all done but Isabel was only halfway completing her ambitious project and she had an instructor helping her out.

Since Isabel wanted to complete her project, Ethan did not want to sit there doing nothing so he wanted to do another one.

Unfortunately, there was nothing much for me to window-shop at Empire and I was quickly getting bored. I ended up sitting down on a bench and checking my facebook.

Another hour later, the kids were finally done. Ethan ended up doing another 3 more while waiting for Isabel to finish up and Daddy ended up paying double of the charges.


The kids had a great time with the Lego, Daddy had a relaxing massage and I had some quiet time to myself. Looks like a great deal for everyone, especially since I was not the one who had to pay for the kids to assemble the Lego which they could not bring back home.

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