A poodle in a condo

When Ethan and Isabel ask me to buy stuff, especially toys or other items which I deem wasteful and unnecessary, I usually have a few standard replies:

1) “Do you think I print money? Where do you think I am going to get the money from?”

2) “I don’t even have enough money to eat and you want me to buy toys for you?”

3) “Do you know how hard I have to work to earn money? And you want me to spend it on something so unnecessary?”

Or my favorite reply, especially when I don’t feel like arguing with the kids: “Tell Daddy. You know I don’t have money.”

So when we passed by a pet shop and Isabel saw an adorable poodle puppy by the window, she just told me that it was so cute and she wished she could bring it home. Knowing my standard replies, she did not even ask me to buy it. Moreover, I’ve told her before that we cannot get a pet dog as we stay in a condo.

The next time when we passed by the pet shop, Daddy was with us. Isabel wanted to show Daddy the puppy but I told her to wait as we were going to the next shop for lunch. She quickly finished her lunch and asked Daddy to see the puppy with her. I was waiting for Ethan to finish up so I reminded Daddy not to fall for Isabel’s charm and under no circumstances should he get the puppy.

When Ethan and I joined them at the pet shop 10 minutes later, I saw Daddy discussing with the sales assistant on how to take care of the puppy. The next thing I know, Isabel was carrying the puppy.

I don’t know what took over me but I found myself joining in the conversation with Daddy and the sales assistant. In my head, I can hear myself shouting “No!!!!!! You will regret this!!! You do not have time for a dog!!!” However, seeing the kids playing happily with the puppy, my heart melted and I lost all rational thinking.

One thing led to another and I found myself carrying a litter tray, Daddy carrying a cage and dog food and the kids happily taking turns to carry the dog while walking to my car.

And now I find myself having to take care of a small poodle and cleaning up the yard every morning before going to work and after coming home from work. Plus, we are still trying to toilet train the puppy (which doesn’t seem to be working!). So you can imagine the mess.

I should really have listen to my inner rational voice and stopped them before they even walked into the pet shop! What am I doing with a puppy which is not toilet-trained yet? What was I thinking? I did not even toilet-train Ethan and Isabel myself and now I have to toilet-train a 2 months old puppy?

I must remind myself not to leave Isabel with Daddy when I know she might be up to her tricks! Look where we ended up now. A poodle in a condo! Why do we have a poodle in our condo?





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