Putting up a fight with Amazon catfish

Honestly, I am not a fan of fishing at all. I find it utterly boring to be sitting down waiting for the fish to bite the bait. There are so many more enjoyable things that I can do besides sitting down for hours by a lake. It seriously tests my patience which I admit I am short of.  Unfortunately, my dear husband finds fishing to be great fun. Ethan
wanted to follow Daddy to go fishing as well. So when Daddy suggested
that we go fishing one night, he was thrilled. And when Daddy told him
that he could also help to reel the fish in, he was ecstatic!

So off we went to the Natural Exotic Fishing Pond in Rawang. This fishing pond is full of giant exotic fishes and the red-tail Amazon catfish is a common species there. It is a catch-and release pond so that means we cannot keep the fish that we caught. Instead, we must release the fishes back into the pond. Basically, the thrill is just to ‘have a fight’ with those giant fishes.
At RM100 for 3-hours of fishing, I find it to be quite pricey, especially since we cannot bring the fish back. But then again, what are we going to do with those giant fishes even if we can bring it back? I doubt it will be soft and tender enough to be eaten.
The place is open 24 hours a day and there is a Chinese restaurant right in the middle of the lake so we went there for dinner before starting to fish. The kids obviously, cannot wait to finish dinner so that we could start fishing.
Dinner at the middle of the lake
All ready for some big fishes!


Watching Daddy getting the hook ready
Waiting time. I am starting to fall asleep already…..
Yay! Our first fish!
The attendant helping us to scoop the fish out from the water
Oooo… that’s a big one!
Meanwhile, the little Princess enjoyed herself on the swing
More waiting…… yawn…..


Here comes the second fish!


This one is even bigger!


Now the little Princess wants to have a try at reeling the fish in
Not as big as the second one but the kids are happy enough


The fourth one was too big for the kids


After a long fight with the fish, Daddy finally managed to bring it it


Weighing to see how heavy was the fish
By the time the 3 hours was up, it was already 12am and my eyes were shutting down already. Staring into blank space when my phone battery died really did not do well for me. I must remember to bring 2 power banks if we were to go there again. I was so happy when we could finally go home.
Well, at least Daddy and the kids had a great time. Let’s hope the next time Daddy wants to go fishing, he will bring the kids along with him and let me watch TV in peace at home.

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