Burning energy at EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park

Did you hear about the new exciting place in USJ? EnerZ Indoor Theme Park has a space of 80,000 sq ft for kids and adults to burn their energy. With a large trampoline area (largest in Asia, they say), gut building obstacle course for kids, sky ropes for adults and wall climbing, it is definitely the place to go where my kids and husband can forget about their iPads for a few hours.

We reached there at around 1.30pm after a light lunch as we were afraid we would throw up if we jumped around with a stuffed stomach.

The moment we reach the entrance, the kids were all excited seeing the place. There was a guide who brought us around to show us the place. The kids couldn’t wait to get started so we went to the ticket counter to buy the tickets. There was a package price of RM99 for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. That allowed us 2 hours of play on the trampolines, wall climbing and the Gut Builder.

Showing off their grip socks. The Princess just can’t stop moving!


Ethan started jumping straight away


Daddy and Princess’ first tumble


The Princess got the hang of it pretty quickly
The foam pit – where you are supposed to climb up to a platform and jump down from it

The Princess was the first to climb up the platform
And she jumped without even giving it a second thought


 Daddy’s turn to jump. He did a back jump!

Then it was supposed to be Ethan and my turn to jump into the foam pit. Both of us went up together. The platform was only about 10 feet high. It looked low (and safe) enough. But once I got up, I felt like I was 100 feet above ground! I was not afraid of height but I was freaked out at having to jump off the platform. Ethan was waiting for me to jump first but when he saw me chickened out, he got scared as well. I wanted so much to show him that we should conquer our fear but my fear got the better of me. Both of us ended up climbing down the ladder instead of jumping off. Seriously, I felt I let my son down. I am not even going to show you the video of me climbing up and down the ladder.

Fortunately, after a while, the Princess wanted to jump from the platform again. She asked me to go with her but I told her to ask her brother instead. I was so glad that Ethan followed her up. When he saw the Princess jump off, he followed suit. He conquered his fear and jumped another two more times together with the Princess. I was so proud of them for being so brave!

And then it was back to the trampolines!



Trampoline slam dunk

After more rounds of jumping on the trampolines, the Princess wanted to try the Gut Builder obstacle course. It is a huge course for kids. It definitely takes gut for kids to complete the course. I saw a 4 years old boy completing  the entire 3 levels of the course and another 6 years old boy crying in the middle as he was too afraid to take another step.

Getting geared up



All ready for the challenge












The Princess only completed the first level but I was already proud of her! It’s not easy, ok?


Back to the trampolines again
Climbing up what seemed like cages to me


Ethan found some friends to play dodgeball with


More trampoline-jumping!

It was Daddy’s time for action. He wanted to do the wall climbing but the max weight for it was 80kg and he was a few kgs over. So he went for the Sky Rope obstacle course. There was also a max weight for it which was 90kg. Daddy was so relieved he not as heavy! The obstacle course cost another additional RM20.








Daddy looked so small from the other side of the course




A very tired but satisfied Daddy

It was overall a very fun way to burn off some energy. And it was great that the kids enjoyed it so much. It’s much better than letting them watch youtube or play Minecraft at home.

We would definitely go again very soon as I need to prove to my kids, and myself, that I conquer my fear and jump off the platform!

If you are interested to jump around too, you can check out the prices here:

They also offer birthday packages:

And here’s their FB page link if you want to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/EnerZIndoorExtremePark?fref=ts

Have a great jump!

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