Picnic at FRIM

It was a long weekend. I was supposed to be enjoying the sun and sea in Bali with my best friend. The flight tickets were bought last year and it was supposed to be our holiday without our kids and husband. However, ‘due to unforeseen circumstances’, I could not make it and my dear friend went on ahead with the trip by herself. I seriously felt so guilty for bailing out on her.

Anyway, as I was saying it was a long weekend with Labour Day on Friday, followed by the weekend and then Wesak Day on Monday. My dear hubby wanted to go outstation but as it was very last minute, all hotels everywhere were fully booked. We basically had no choice but to spend the long weekend in KL.

So when our friends asked us to get together on Labour Day, we decided on going to FRIM in Kepong for some outdoor activity for the kids. It would also give the grown-ups some time to catch up over a picnic.

It was the first time that my kids had ever been there. Though Kepong is not that far away from our home, we had never thought of going there before. We usually went to Bukit Kiara if we wanted to have a picnic. But as long as there was water at FRIM, I knew that my kids would enjoy themselves.

It was a beautiful Friday morning when we reached there at 8.15am. There was already a queue of cars waiting to get in. Once we got to the guardhouse, we had to pay RM6.35 for 2 adults and 2 kids (I have no idea how that amount came about) but we were pleased to see there was no traffic jam after the guardhouse.

Not knowing that there was a parking lot right at the bottom of the hill where the waterfall was, we parked some distance away. Since it was a bright, cooling morning, we didn’t mind the walk to the waterfall at all.

We had to climb up a flight of stairs to the waterfall. As it was still early, there was only one other family at the spot where we decided to have our picnic. The place was shaded by lots of tall trees and right next to the waterfall.

The kids jumped straight into the water and started splashing around while the parents set up the picnic mats and food. It was great being able to chat with friends while our kids played together.

A simple outing but much fun for everyone! Nothing like the great outdoors!

Walking along the road to where the waterfall was


There was also a parking lot right at the bottom of the hill!


Here’s a pool at the bottom of the hill if you do not want to walk any further
A park right next to the pool
Ethan checking out where we should go
Those who prefer not to walk up a flight of stairs can just play at the bottom of the waterfall
It was lovely to walk into the forest




The kids got started as soon as we reached our picnic spot



Enjoying our nasi lemak breakfast





















The Daddies who had been friends since high school
I loved looking at this very tall tree
The Princess enjoying a soak by herself while the other kids play behind her


Building sand castles





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