Catching prawns for dinner

Ethan has been asking Daddy to bring him go fishing for so long. However, Daddy has been so busy (for so long) that Ethan eventually stopped asking. Poor kid!

Then out of the blues last week, Daddy said enthusiastically, “Let’s go fishing! But we are not going to go fishing for fish, we are going to fish for prawns instead! We’re going prawning!”

The way he said it, it sounded like he just discovered something new but prawning (is there even such a word?) has been around for more than 10 years already.

Anyway, so off we went to Tropicana Prawn Fishing in P.J last Saturday. We got my brother, mother and mother-in-law to come along as well.

The place is situated at Jalan Tropicana Selatan, nearby the Damansara toll. There were already a few people there by the time we reached at 6.30pm. Thankfully, it was quite windy that day and there were no mosquitoes.


The boxes of earthworms waiting for their ‘owners’ to come claim them the next time the ‘owners’ visit the place.
Gazebos for visitors who are not ‘prawning’
The ‘prawing’ ponds
Cutting up the earthworms
Getting the earthworms ready as bait
Now it is time to wait…..
A very patient ‘prawner’
And here’s the first prawn!
Followed by more prawns
While waiting, Isabel went around the place and asked me to take photos of her







Checking how many prawns Daddy and Kau Foo caught
And here are the catch for the evening!
Fresh prawns for dinner!

We had the prawns cooked at a restaurant but you can also opt to bring along some food and have a barbecue. There are barbecue pits ready for you and you just need to purchase the charcoals at RM20 per bag.

The fee per person per hour is RM19. You also need to buy a box of worms from them but I can’t really remember the price for the worms. Of course, it would be cheaper if you just order a plate of prawns at a restaurant, unless you can catch more than 20 prawns per hour. But we were there just for the experience and to enjoy time together.

If you are interested to go, you can check out their opening hours below. You may also want to check out their Facebook Page at

Have fun!

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