When Isabel offered to help with chores


It was 10pm when I looked at the floor of our condominium and decided it was simply too filthy. So I took out the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming.

When I was done, I took out the mop. Isabel came over to me and offered to help me mop. Of course I told her that it was late and I would prefer for her to get ready for bed instead of helping me to mop the floor. But she insisted on mopping the floor. Oh, well, I thought, just let her mop one room and get it done with. However, when she was done with one room, she insisted on mopping the second and third room. I rolled my eyes at her, passed her the mop and asked her to continue as she pleased.

She commented that she was like the part-time cleaners who came over to clean our condo. And then she wanted to mop the kitchen, living area and dining area as well.

“Really? Aren’t you tired? Why don’t you get some rest?” I asked. She replied that she can mop the whole place by herself.

Once she was done, she handed the mop back to me.

“Thank you so much for helping me,” I said.

“You are welcome, Mummy. Now you need to pay me RM1,” she answered.

“What? I have to pay you? I thought you helped me because you knew that I worked the whole day and I am very tired!”

“Yes, that’s why I helped you but when the cleaners came to clean our place, you need to pay them. So, now that I helped you because the cleaners did not come, then you need to pay me too.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll pay you your RM1.” And then I took the mop and mopped the living and dining areas again since Isabel just simply dragged the mop across the place.

“Mummy, let me help you to push the pail. You can mop and I will move the pail.” Isabel offered.

When I was done, I thanked her and that cheeky little girl asked me for another RM1 for helping me to move the pail around!

“Please pay me RM2,” she put out her hand and gave me a wide grin.

I looked at her and said, “Fine, let me go get my wallet now.”

She took the money from me and went happily to her cupboard to keep her ‘hard-earned’ RM2 into her purse.

Now, why didn’t I do this when I was a kid? I wonder if my mum would pay me to do housework… Honestly, I don’t think so. I think I will get scolded instead.

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