Delicious baos and cakes made by the kids

After having such a great time at the baking class during the March school holidays, Ethan and Isabel cheered with joy when I told them that I had signed them up for 2 lessons of baking class at Da Vinci Kelana Jaya again.

The first lesson was for steamed bao and mantao, food that both my kids do not particularly enjoy but since they made it themselves, they were so proud of it.








At Day 2, they learned how to make Fresh Cream & Fruits Vanilla Sponge Cake.












Everything looked so lovely and Ethan & Isabel were so proud to share their food with their babysitters and also left some for Popo and Daddy. Of course, the baos and cakes do not look perfect but since it was made by my kids, it looked beautiful to me.

And it was great that they enjoyed the lessons very much as the teachers were very helpful and fun. They also made new friends whom they ran around with after the lessons were over. Ethan even told me not to pick him up so early so that he has more time to play with his new friends.

Looks like they’ll be eagerly awaiting for the school holiday in Nov so that they can learn to bake more yummy foods!

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