Ethan starts to wear glasses


My 7-year-old son has started wearing glasses 2 weeks ago.

I know that it is very common for kids to start wearing glasses from a young age nowadays. Some even started wearing glasses when they were in kindergarten.

However, I still couldn’t help thinking that perhaps if I had taken better care of Ethan’s eyes, he won’t need to start wearing glasses at 7 years old. With my mum and mother-in-law saying things like it was because Ethan always watched TV from such a near distance and also because we allowed him to play with the iPad too much, it made me feel even guiltier. And I guess laying down on the bed to read bed-time stories together didn’t help much to keep him from getting short-sighted either.

I started worrying about Ethan’s sight when he kept sitting right in front of the TV. Sometimes, his face would just be 2feet away from the screen. When I reminded him, then he will move and sit on the couch. And 5 minutes later, I would find him sitting 2feet away from the TV again.

So I thought maybe he has a problem with his sight, thus the reason why he kept sitting so close to the TV. I brought him to the optical shops in IOI Mall to get his eyes checked. Both shops used the machine and it gave different readings but it was enough to make me worried as it indicated that his power was around 150. But I thought it would be impossible for his short-sightedness to be so high as it would mean that he won’t even be able to read whatever his teachers wrote on the blackboard in class.

That same week, I brought him to the Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital as I thought they would be able to check for a more accurate result. The test came to 100 on one eye and 50 on the other. The optician recommended that Ethan starts wearing glasses immediately so that the power does not go up so fast.

So now, here he is, wearing his glasses now. Doesn’t he look like such a big boy?

Like any other mothers who worry too much about their kids, I now kept worrying if his friends would make fun of him or whether he would have problems playing sports such as football and basketball while wearing his glasses.

Earlier, I wanted to go for the Lasik eye surgery so that I don’t have to wear glasses anymore. Now, I think I’ll put that plan on hold first so that I can wear glasses together with Ethan just so I can accompany him and he won’t feel like the odd one out.

But I think I need to stop worrying about him so much. It’s all part of growing up, right?

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