Enjoying a round of miniature golf

It was Ethan’s birthday last Saturday and I thought of treating him and a few friends to a game of indoor miniature golf. I actually found out about this place from a dear friend. There was an offer on Groupon with a deal of only RM12 per adult. The usual price was RM20 per adult.  Kids were charged RM10 per person. So I thought it would be a great idea since none of the kids had tried playing golf before.

Ethan was excited when I told him about the golf game the week before. Isabel, on the other hand, was not enthusiastic at all and declared loudly that she does not like golf. She said she refuse to play and instead wants me to bring her for a walk around the mall and buy her a toy!

Anyway, on the day itself, I made sure both of them wore sneakers, just in case Isabel decided to change her mind. And she did change her mind when she walked into the outlet. Their friends had not arrived yet but they did not want to wait any longer. Both got themselves a children-size golf club each and started playing. It was an 18-hole game and they were supposed to start from hole one. But they didn’t care and just went to any hole they wanted.

After a while, Ethan got bored and told me he wanted to go off already. And his friends had not even arrived yet. So we took a break and went down to buy a drink. When we got back, all his friends were there already and he started playing with them immediately. I guess he was just bored because Mummy did not play with him and was just sitting around instead.

All the kids had an enjoyable time there even though they did not follow the rules at all. But who cares about rules? Most important thing was that the kids had a great time.

Here are some photos taken that day:















Isabel was not up for a group photo and started making a face when I made her stand there without me.

If you are interested to bring your kids there for a game, you can check out Mini Putt’s website at http://miniputt.com.my/


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