Made with love by Mummy


For the past few weeks, I had been busy making stuff for Isabel – tutu skirts, a hairband and a cape. Ethan asked why I didn’t make anything for him. I told him that all the stuff that I made were for girls only unless he wants to wear it as well. He suggested that maybe I could him a shirt or pants! Yeah, right, I thought to myself. I wish I do know how to sew a pair of pants or a shirt. Unfortunately, I don’t know how and Ethan walked away disappointed.

However, I happened to come across an interesting craft while I was searching for some inspiration to make Isabel’s doll’s bed (yes, she requested me to make her a doll bed and I said ok).

It was a very simple craft using empty shampoo bottles that I found on this website:

As my Sunsilk shampoo was almost finished, it was perfect timing. As soon as I pumped out the last bit of the shampoo, I rinsed it out and removed the sticker labels. Then I cut it out into the shape of an alien and glued on the eyes and mouth using my left-over felt cloths from previous projects. All these was done in 10 minutes when Isabel was in the shower.

Ethan was so happy that I finally made him something. He said that it was very cute and that he liked it very much.

When Isabel came out from the shower and saw that I only made one and it was not for her, she started scrunching her face and let out an extremely loud wail, claiming that it was so unfair of mummy to only make one for Ethan and there was none for her. She continued crying loudly until I told her that I will make her a little pillow for her new doll to hug to sleep. She stopped crying immediately. Sigh, how easy is it to manipulate mummy….

It was done in 15 minutes and she was a happy little girl again. She tucked her doll to sleep with the pillow on the half-completed doll bed.

A little pillow for Isabel’s doll to hug to sleep

I thought that would have settled everything. Until she told me that she wants her alien by tomorrow! My goodness, it seems like it’s going to be a few more days of crafting to complete her doll bed and make her an alien! And the house chores are piling up!! If only there were more hours in a day….


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