Sweet delicious desserts made by my kids

When my siblings and I were kids, we always looked forward to school holidays (just like all kids). We kept ourselves entertained by watching TV and playing with each other. When we were in upper secondary school, we got part-time jobs or just hung around with our friends.

Our parents were busy working so we never got to go for any holidays. Nor did we got to attend school holiday programmes (except that one time which I had written about briefly in my earlier post). Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our school holidays.

I wonder when did it start for parents to ‘HAVE TO PLAN’ activities for their kids during the school holidays. My friends would ask me where am I going to bring my kids to during school holidays. It is as if parents are obligated to fill their kids’ school holidays with trips or activities.

Anyway, just like all parents I know nowadays, I too started planning for my kids’ school holidays as well. I wanted to bring them for a trip to the beach this round but Daddy will be away for an overseas business trip for the whole 2 weeks of holiday so we had to cancel the plan. Instead, I signed my kids up for a baking programme.

Both Ethan and Isabel had tried a baking programme last year and they enjoyed it so much. They wanted to go again so this time, I signed them up with Da Vinci Kelana Jaya which is very near to my office. I didn’t have to take leave to send them as I could just drop them off before starting work and pick them up during my lunch time.

They learned how to bake cupcakes, fruit tarts and chocolate cakes. To be honest, all three tasted great! Everything was just moist enough and not too sweet. At the end of each day, both of them brought back 20 cupcakes, 20 fruit tarts and 2 chocolate cakes!

Judging from the photos below, it looked like they really enjoyed their 3-day baking programme:

Day 1 – Frozen-themed Lemon Butter Cupcake





Day 2 – Fruit Tarts



Day 3 – Kit-Kat Chocolate Cake With Pink Piggies Swimming In The Mud















Since Ethan and Isabel’s birthdays fall this month, we used the cakes that they baked as their own birthday cakes for an early celebration! Ethan had his friends sang Happy Birthday song to him at the babysitter’s place while Isabel cut her cake with Popo and Baby Uncle.
If you are interested to send your kids to Da Vinci Kelana Jaya’s next baking programme, you can check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/DaVinci-Kelana-Jaya/213686615424948



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