A cape for little Queen Elsa

If your daughter likes Princesses, chances are that she will love Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen as well.

Just like millions of little girls around the world, Isabel also loves Elsa and Anna. She kept singing songs from Frozen almost on a daily basis. She would knock on doors and suddenly burst into the ‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?’ song. Sometimes, she would even pretend she was Anna and do the whole act exactly like Anna in the song.

Or she would suddenly ask me, “Can I just say something crazy?” and I am supposed to answer “I love crazy” before she starts singing “Love Is An Open Door.”

So this little Frozen fan came up to me the other day and said she wanted to be Queen Elsa. And she needs a cape. She even gave me instructions on how to make a cape when I said I do not know how to make one. As I could hardly understand her instructions, I googled up how other mothers made Queen Elsa’s cape for their daughters. I am not surprised at all how many little girls asked their mummies to make a Queen Elsa cape for them as well.

As soon as I had the time, I went to buy some tulle fabric, sequins and a flower brooch. I made a pretty simple cape where I just tied one end of the tulle and glued the flower on the knot. Then I glued some sequins to make it a bit sparkly. I thought of making a cape with a long train just like Elsa’s but decided against it as I was afraid she might slip or trip over it or it might get stepped on.

It’s a really simple cape but as long as my little girl is happy, I am a happy mummy.


Isabel was so happy to have a cape that she kept it on till she had to go to bed. And she wore it this morning to the babysitter’s place as well.

If you would also like to make a cape for your own little Queen Elsa, here are some references from the web:






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