Perfect evening for kite-flying

It was a fine Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago when Daddy suddenly suggested that we go fly kites. The sky was a little cloudy which made it even more perfect as it was not too sunny. There was also no sign of impending rain like the past few days.

The kids got very excited when they heard that we were going to fly kites. I asked Daddy if he still remembers how to fly a kite as the last time I flew one was almost 25 years ago. To my astonishment, Daddy said he has never flew a kite in his life before! Hello??!! I thought everyone has flew kites when they were kids! Wasn’t it something everyone did at least once in their childhood? Oh, well, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised when it comes to Daddy. He didn’t really do much in his childhood days. In fact, he only learned how to ride a bicycle when he was 15 or 16! He really made my own childhood seem so much more memorable and enjoyable….

Anyway, we went back home to get our kite and set off to a field in Putra Heights. It was a popular spot among the residents to fly kites there. When we reached there at around 5pm, there were already quite a lot of people flying their kites.

When the kids saw the colourful kites that an Uncle was selling there, they immediately chose one each despite us having brought one of our own. Daddy, as usual, said it was ok to get a new one. So Ethan chose a multi-coloured one while Isabel chose a princess kite.

As Daddy has never flew a kite before, he had to rely on his knowledge of physics and common sense (and the wind, of course) to teach Ethan to fly his kite. Meanwhile, I helped Isabel and she got the hang of it pretty quickly. There must be something wrong with Ethan’s kite (!) as Daddy took some time to get it up. When it was finally flying high up, Ethan was proudly showing it off.

After almost an hour, we had a break of ice-cream from the Pak Cik selling ‘old-style’ ice-cream.

As we bought a boomerang earlier that day, Ethan also got to try it out together with Daddy.

We had such a great time enjoying ourselves away from the TV, tablets, smartphones and iPad or the usual trips to shopping malls. We really should do stuff like this more often. And I am so glad that my kids can tell their own kids that they had flew kites before during their childhood days.


















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