Little vain pot had her ears pierced

I had my ears pierced when I was twelve. Isabel had her pierced yesterday, before she even reach age 5!

Isabel was the one who brought up the subject of piercing her ears. She saw one of her classmates had her ears pierced and she told me she wanted hers pierced as well. I had no objection and told her that we will get it done the next time we went shopping.

However, a few days after that, she changed her mind as she was afraid that it was going to be painful. So I told her that we will only get it done when she is ready for it. There was no rush and she could take all the time she needed to get ready.

But a few days ago, she brought up the subject again. She asked if it was really painful. I explained that it will be a bit painful but it will be quick. She gave it a quick consideration and told me she was ready for it.

So yesterday, we went to Poh Kong at Sunway Pyramid to have her ears pierced. I was a bit worried that she may back out after piercing one ear. But she was very brave with it. Probably vanity overcame the fear of pain!

She proudly showed off her pierced ears to Daddy and everyone else who happened to see her yesterday and today! My little princess is really such a vain pot!































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