Making the world’s easiest chocolate strawberry candy


After making the world’s
easiest chocolate cookies with just Nutella, flour and eggs (see how we did it
here), I went in search for another world’s easiest recipes. My kids love
baking (or basically just playing with food) that they eagerly waited for me to
have another baking session with them.
This time, I found an
extremely easy recipe that did not even need baking. It was for a chocolate peanut butter cup. However, we improvised
the recipe as my kids preferred strawberry jam to peanut butter. We also
skipped the honey, sugar and vanilla as I think the chocolate and strawberry
jam would be sweet enough. We also substituted the salt with coloured
sprinkles. I think we basically changed the whole recipe! Well, the concept was
still the same though.

We bought the
ingredients on Saturday morning and the kids were looking forward to making the
chocolate strawberry candy after dinner. However, an incident with Isabel
during dinner made me so furious that I refused to make the chocolate candy
that night. What made me so furious? Isabel fell inside a fish pond in the
restaurant! Yes, she was drenched with filthy water! I had told her a thousand
times not to bend down too near the pond and she refused to listen until she
actually fell into it. I was simply fuming mad! But now, thinking about it made me
smile a bit. She did look very funny as she came to me all wet. She tried her
best to smile but I could see that she was shocked and tried her best not
to cry. When I started scolding her, the tears in her eyes came rushing down
and she started bawling.
Anyway, I was awoken the
next day at 7.30am (why do kids have to wake up so early when it is not a
school day?) by Ethan. He wanted to make the chocolate candy immediately. After
bargaining with him for another half an hour of sleep, I woke up and found both
of them waiting for me in the kitchen. Still dressed in their pajamas, we
started our making our chocolate candy.
Here’s how easy it is:
Getting all ready


Place liners in a tray


Melt chocolate in a bowl


Once melted, scoop the chocolate to fill up half of each liner


Add strawberry jam or whatever your kids fancy



Fill up with the remaining chocolate


Add sprinkles to make it more colourful


Once done, put it into the fridge to set


And there you have it – your own chocolate strawberry candy!

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