A beautiful minion cake for Daddy’s birthday

It was Daddy’s birthday 2 days ago. As usual, the kids were more excited about it than Daddy. We didn’t get to have dinner with Daddy as he was working late (as usual!). So we went to buy a cake and waited for him to come home.

Ethan wanted a Power Rangers cake. Isabel wanted a Barbie cake. I told them it’s not their birthday and Daddy doesn’t like Power Ranger nor Barbie. With a slight sulk, they agreed to get something that Daddy would like.

When we reached the cake shop, the kids rushed in to choose the cake. They immediately saw a few bright yellow Minion cakes and decided that Daddy would love a Minion cake. I didn’t even get to look at any fruit cakes, Black Forests or tiramisu but the decision was already made. The kids even wanted to have 37 candles but there was no way a 1/2 kg cake could hold that many candles. So we settled for candles with the numbers 3 and 7.

After paying for the cake, Ethan wanted to be the one to carry the cake as it his ‘big boy’s job’. Isabel, meanwhile, excitedly held the candles.

This was how the cake and the candles looked like when Daddy got home:


This was how the cake looked like when the box was opened!
And the number 3 candle was broken into 2!

Oh, well, I guess it doesn’t matter as long we were all celebrating Daddy’s birthday together….

Ethan was already picking at the cake before the candles were lighted

Notice the minion’s eyes were gone?



Isabel showing how to cut the cake
Sigh, look what happened to the cake…..
Enjoying their cake together





Happy birthday, Daddy! We love you very muchie!!




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