Bonding over a game of bowling

It was a busy Saturday for Ethan last week as he went for Vital Years from 10am – 12noon, then off for a quick lunch before attending his Robotics class from 1pm – 3pm. And at 4.30pm, he had a bowling session with Daddy.

It was a good day though, since he enjoyed the activities. He had been bugging Daddy to bring him bowling for one whole year and was so excited when Daddy finally made time to go. This was his third time bowling. He was first introduced to bowling during my god-son’s birthday two years ago. The second time was early last year. He enjoyed it so much that he kept asking us to bring him bowling again.

So I called Sunway Pyramid’s Megalane a few days earlier to make a booking as I didn’t want to risk going there to find all lanes fully booked and having to look at my son’s disappointed face. But it looked like I didn’t have to worry as there were quite a number of empty lanes. At RM11 per game, we only had 2 games each for Daddy and Ethan. Anyway, I don’t think Ethan would be able to play more than that.

Ethan chose the lightest ball at 6 kg. There were not many 6 kg balls around and we had to look at almost all the balls available before finally finding one.

The boys had a great time while the girls waited for them. We didn’t have to wait long though as it didn’t even take more than an hour to finish the games.

It was a great time for the boys to bond as Daddy always comes back so late at night on weekdays. Weekends are truly precious and activities like these bring us together.

Here are some photos of Ethan enjoying his bowling session:




Isabel, meanwhile, was busy eating ice-cream and posing for the camera while waiting for the boys to finish their games. Such a vain pot….




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