The nights of the bed crawlers


Cuddling with Daddy for a good night sleep

After co-sleeping with Ethan and Isabel till they were 6 and 4 respectively, we finally managed to move them to their own beds mid of last year.

It wasn’t a really difficult transition. I only had to lie down with them before they fall asleep and then go back to my own bed once they were asleep. After a while, I didn’t even have to lie down with them anymore. They could go to sleep on their own once I had read them a story and said a prayer with them.
However, lately Isabel has been getting up in the middle of the night and crawling onto my bed to sleep in between my husband and I. We kept asking her to go back to sleep on her own bed but she said that she had a bad dream and was too scared to sleep on her own. So what I did was kiss her on her forehead and asked her to pray whenever she was scared. Then I made her go back to her own bed. Knowing that this excuse doesn’t work, she came up with another excuse the next time I asked her why was she on my bed.

She said, “Mummy, I love you and Daddy very much. That’s why I want to come and sleep with you and Daddy. I want to be with the both of you. I love you very much”, while giving me the most adorable and and innocent-looking face.

Hearing this, my heart soften and simply melted. How could I refuse? She loves me and wants to be with me. How could any mummies refuse their loving girl? So, I let her sleep on my bed (despite knowing that this is just her attempt to sleep with me).

After a while, I told her that I love her too and she can love me from her own bed. She knew that this excuse was only good while it lasted.

Soon, it was Daddy’s turn to handle the situation. Here’s one of the conversations he had with her:

Daddy: Isabel, please go and sleep on your own bed.

Isabel: No, I want to sleep here with Mummy.

Daddy: No, you must go back to your own bed. If you fall asleep here, I will still carry you back to your bed.

Isabel: You can carry me back to my bed but I will come again in the middle of the night!

Daddy: Fine, then let’s sell off your bed since you don’t want to sleep on it anymore.

Isabel: Good, then I don’t have to sleep there anymore. I can sleep with Mummy forever!

Well, that went well…. my little girl really knows how to answer Daddy.

Seeing Isabel slept in my room so often, Ethan wanted to do the same too. He also tried crawling onto my bed in the middle of the night.

One morning, when he woke up next to me, I asked him what was he doing here.

This was what he said, while looking at me innocently and trying to stop himself from smiling, “Hhhmmm, what am I doing here? I don’t know. I fell asleep on my own bed last night. And now I woke up on your bed. What happened? I think I must have been sleep-walking.”

Yeah, right! Looks like Ethan is getting very creative with his excuses too.

This habit of sleeping on my bed is getting more frequent now. Isabel is on my bed every night and we have to carry her back to her own bed. And Ethan only does it because he saw Isabel doing it.

I wonder how long more is this going to carry on. How did you stop your bed crawlers?

In my case, it would be the NIGHTS OF THE BED CRAWLERS
Having a playful time on my bed before being asked to go back over to their own beds

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