A Few Reminders To My 69-Year-Old Self

This is how an Ageing app predicted I will look like when I am 69 years old. That’s 30 years from now. By that time, Ethan will be 37 years old and Isabel 35.

Hopefully, both of them will be happily married with kids of their own. Preferably, they will be staying somewhere nearby so that they can visit me often and bring my grand kids to see me.

At the moment, Isabel said that she will buy 2 houses when she is old enough – one for me (and daddy) and one for herself. She said that she will buy her house near mine so that she can come over to my house everyday to have dinner with me. Let’s hope she really keeps to her word since she is only 5 now and most probably won’t even remember it by next month.

If my blog is still around, I hope to be able to reminiscence on what I had written for the past 30 years and enjoy the wonderful memories it contains.
I also want to write a few reminders to myself when I am 69. Thirty years is quite a long time for me to remember everything so this is a good way to remind myself on some stuff:
To my dearest 69-year-old self,

Congratulations for making it another 30 years! Don’t fret being old as there are many people who were denied this privilege of getting old. Consider it a blessing and be happy.

Remember when you were writing this at 39? Here’s what you wanted to remind yourself:

Don’t nag
No one likes a nagger. You have been nagged at when you were younger and you did not like it. So don’t nag, or at least try not to nag too much.
Let the kids live their lives
Kids grow up and they want to live their own lives. You have been there before. Your parents let you live your life the way you wanted so let your kids have the same opportunity.
Spare your advice
Yes, you want the best for your children and you want to tell them the best way to do things. But they are grown-ups now. Be there for them and let them know that you will always love them.

Spend time with friends
Don’t spend your days locked up in the house. Go out with friends and enjoy!

Move that butt
I hope you had started exercising! Make sure you are healthy so that you can enjoy your golden years! Make sure Ambert stays healthy too.

Go travelling
In order to do this, you and Ambert need to stay healthy! Go visit new places, see new things, explore the world if possible. It’s never too late!

Do not commit to taking care of your grand kids full-time
You love your grand kids but that doesn’t mean you have to take care of them every day. It’s a big commitment and you had already taken care of your own kids when they were young. Now it’s time for you to have fun while you still can. Sure, you can help out once in a while or during weekends. That’s fine. Just don’t commit to it full time and don’t feel guilty about it.

Do not move in with your children
If the kids are married (which I hope they are by now), don’t move in with them. You won’t want to adjust living with your daughter/son-in-law. Give them their own space. You always wanted your own space too.

Do not overspend your finances
Do not overspend your EPF fund and retirement fund. You may have another 20 years to live so you need that money. Try not to depend on your kids. Consider it a bonus if they give you any money.

Look back with no regrets
Most importantly, do not look back at life with any regrets. Things were done and there is no point in regretting. It won’t change anything.

Enjoy life and trust in God!

With lots of love and hope for the future,

Your 39-year-old self

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